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I consulted archeological and historical periodicals to assemble this recipe and show what life 50,000 years ago might have been like. Warning, I am not a cook. For safety’s sake (and your taste buds’ sake) consult a food expert before attempting this recipe.

Water-lily stew


2 or 3 medium-sized Water lily pads

A handful of white acorns (hulls have round ends) or other nuts such as hazelnuts or walnuts

One squirrel or other small animal such as rabbit or rats

Handful of wild onions



Drop hot rocks into a bison-skin bag filled with water and boil lily pads until tender.

Skin squirrel and broil it. Add meat, innards, and bones to the lily pads.

Add wild onions and acorns to the mixture, and serve while warm.


My novel takes place in the present, so you might call this an old (very old) family recipe.

Neanderthals in the 21st century?What’s going on? Neanderthal Protocol, thriller, Musa Publishing, eBook. ctsuddeth.com


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I am a little late, but it’s never too late to read your favorite poetry or write your own poetry. (This month, I have done both)
Inaugurated by the Academy of American Poets in 1996, National Poetry Month is now held every April, when schools, publishers, libraries, booksellers, and poets throughout the United States band together to celebrate poetry and its vital place in American culture.



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Anyone from Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana is welcome to come.

Monday, May 5, 6 to 8 pm. No RSVP required. We will not allow weather to discourage us.
Barnes & Noble’s Café, 801 South Hurstbourne Parkway, a mile north of I-64, on the right. This is NOT the Summit Shopping Center B&N.
The first hour will be for socializing, the second hour for optional critiques. Writers can read for three minutes. Illustrators are welcome. You do not need to be a SCBWI Midsouth member to attend. For more information, contact Charles Suddeth at csuddeth@iglou.com

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You gotta watch those full moons! Other kids too!  Halloween Kentucky Style (middle readers, Diversion Press, paperback)
Mike and Timmy try to scare Alice and Rosie. The trick’s on them when a younger neighbor and a homeless man team up to give them a real Halloween scare! It can be ordered from any bookstore or on-line retailer.KentuckyHalloween

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Neanderthal Protocol, thriller, Musa Publishing, eBook. A physicist is outed as a Neanderthal & fights for his life ctsuddeth.com [$2.50 after rebate] www.allromanceebooks.com Use the Omni tab.


*Rebate to be given at check-out in eBuck s equal to 50% of purchase for use on a future purchase. The Earth Day 50% Site-Wide  (on Eligible ebooks) Rebate applies to paypal and credit card purchases from 12:01 am 04/22/14 to 11:59 pm 04/22/14 US/Central only.

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Neanderthal Protocol (adult thriller, Musa Publishing, eBook)  neanderthalprotocol-200

Greg Anderson is a physicist working on Project Cold Sun, which will generate electricity via hydrogen fusion. After a DNA test exposes him as a Neanderthal, he lives on the streets like a wild animal. Near death, he meets Rachel Waters.

After Greg’s former boss is murdered, the police blame Greg. Rachel helps Greg search for the killers. Can Rachel and Greg find the people who are trying to destroy Project Cold Sun before the police charge Greg with murder and execute him?

PDF, ePUB (Nook, iPad, Android), PRC (Kindle), Mobi

[available from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Musa Publishing’s website, independent bookstores via Kobo, and other online retailers]

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ALA’s list from challenges listed at the Office for Intellectual Freedom
1. Captain Underpants (series), by Dav Pilkey
Reasons: Offensive language, unsuited for age group, violence
2. The Bluest Eye, by Toni Morrison
Reasons: Offensive language, sexually explicit, unsuited to age group, violence
3. The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, by Sherman Alexie
Reasons: Drugs/alcohol/smoking, offensive language, racism, sexually explicit, unsuited to age group
4. Fifty Shades of Grey, by E.L. James
Reasons: Nudity, offensive language, religious viewpoint, sexually explicit, unsuited to age group
5. The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins
Reasons: Religious viewpoint, unsuited to age group
6. A Bad Boy Can Be Good for A Girl, by Tanya Lee Stone
Reasons: Drugs/alcohol/smoking, nudity, offensive language, sexually explicit
7. Looking for Alaska, by John Green
Reasons: Drugs/alcohol/smoking, sexually explicit, unsuited to age group
8. The Perks of Being a Wallflower, by Stephen Chbosky
Reasons: drugs/alcohol/smoking, homosexuality, sexually explicit, unsuited to age group
9. Bless Me Ultima, by Rudolfo Anaya
Reasons: Occult/Satanism, offensive language, religious viewpoint, sexually explicit
10. Bone (series), by Jeff Smith
Reasons: Political viewpoint, racism, violence

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