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April Louisville SCBWI Chit Chatters Social (Schmooze)

Anyone from Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana is welcome.

Monday, April 4, 6 to 8 pm. No RSVP required.
The first hour will be for socializing, the second hour for optional critiques. Writers can read for three minutes. Illustrators are always welcome.

Barnes & Noble’s Café, 801 South Hurstbourne Parkway, one mile north of I-64, on the right. This is NOT the Summit Shopping Center B&N.
You do not need to be an SCBWI member to attend. For more information, contact Charles Suddeth csuddeth@iglou.com 502-339-9349, c 502-649-9944.



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Heroes and Heroines


Osiris: Male messiah

The protagonist is the sacrificial person. E.g. Luke Skywalker or Robin Hood or King Arthur

The antagonist is the punisher. E.g.? Batman movies? The bad guy in most action movies


Isis: Female messiah

The protagonist has a connection to the divine even if she doesn’t want it. E.g. Catniss (Hunger Games) or Joan of Arc.

The antagonist is the destroyer. E.g. Miranda (The Devil Wears Prada).


Artemis: Female avenger

The protagonist likes traveling, is intuitive and instinctual. E.g. Medusa (some might consider her an antagonist) & Wonder Woman.

The antagonist is?


Athena: Farmer’s daughter

The protagonist is tomboy, smart, unemotional. E.g. Hermione, Nancy Drew, Annabel from Percy Jackson.

The antagonist is?


Ares: Male protector

The protagonist is physical, the alpha male, doesn’t think, lives on edge. E.g. Zorro or Han Solo.

The antagonist is a gladiator. E.g.?


Hades: The male recluse

The protagonist is lonely, introverted. E.g., Edward Cullen in Twilight (or other vampire novel).

The antagonist is a warlock who is antisocial and bitter. E.g. Darth Vader and Voldemore.




The Magi: Source of wisdom. E.g. Yoda or Dumbledore.


The Mentor: Like an advanced helper. E.g. Obi Wan or Morpheus.


The Best Friend: Can be helpful but not always helpful. E.g. C3PO, Hagrid, Ron (Harry Potter?).


The Loner: Tends to be the confidant. E.g. R2D2 or Toto (Wizard of Oz).




Not an antagonist, because they have the same goals as the protagonist.


Trailblazer: Go ahead of protagonist. E.g. Puck.


Jester: Tries to help but gets in way. E.g. Scarecrow for Wizard of Oz.


Investigator: Gets in the way with the investigation.


Pessimist: “You’ll never get it done.”


Psychic: Thinks he/she knows it all.

YA thriller, publication TBA

YA thriller, publication TBA

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