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Life can take bizarre forms

Slime molds are not molds/fungi, plants, or animals. They sometimes act like amoeba, sometimes clump together and act like a single organism. Years ago on grandpa’s farm, I ran across one that resembled dog puke, but it pulsated like a bag of gelatin. I didn’t realize what it was, but last night on NOVA, KET, they discussed slime molds. They don’t have organs or nervous systems, but they can see, smell, decide what food they want, and move/escape from their containers. Can they hear? Watch your step in the woods.

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American Titanic

The sidewheeler steamboat, Sultana, was built in 1863. Despite having boiler problems, she was carrying 2200 people, mostly Union soldiers. On April 27 1865, in the dark, she was on the Mississippi River 7 miles north of Memphis when the boilers exploded. About 1200 men died from drowning, explosion, hypothermia—estimates of the dead vary widely. 969 survived, making it the worst American maritime disaster. Like nowadays, all sorts of conspiracy theories abound, but the Captain had been advised not to travel without a boiler repair.

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Happy late birthday

Pocahontas: Born September 17, 1596 as Matoaka, Flower-Between-Rivers, Mattaponi village of Werowocomoco. (nicknamed Pocahontas).  I am on her descendancy list, so she would be my great-great grandmother, but I have not verified this yet.


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I was hiking Tom Sawyer State Park, near Louisville, yesterday. Took photos of the foundation of the east wing of Lakeland Lunatic Asylum–1880 to 2000. The foundation is all that remains above ground of a hospital building once serving 3,000 patients. (more lies buried–it was too expensive to completely demolish)

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Meow like a Pirate Day.
Arrgh. Meow, meow, meow. Arrgh.

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Who lives in a pirate ship over the sea?

The old seadog

Who is peg legged and drunk as can be?

The old seadog

Saturday, September 19, 2020

The Seven Seas (me thinks, me map has vanished)

Avast Mateys,

Arrgh. Today is Talk Like a Pirate Day. Oh ye landlubbers what ignores me warnings will rue the day of their birth. Me lads will hunt ye down and yield no quarter. We have a pet Giant Squid what loves to graze on landlubbers. This year everyone has masks so me lads can sneak around quite handily. Oh yes!

Lads, spare no one! I will nab landlubbers as soon as I find me eyepatch and pegleg. And where be my pistols and my saber?  Oh, someone has spiked me rum. Me head is swimming circles like a starved shark. What is that sound? A seaborn rumble? A Navy gunship? The Stars and Stripes!

Lads, hoist the sails and turn our ship around. We shall fire a broadside the Navy will long remember! Pirates never fear the U.S. Navy! We shall board their vessels and take them as prizes! Let them play “Star Spangled Banner,”—we shall sing “Sixteen men on a dead man’s chest.” Polly, come back! Lads, prepare the boarding party! Lads? Lads? Don’t hide on me!

Polly, if you fly to the Navy ship, I’ll barbecue you! Me head is tossing and turning. Oh devil rum, what have ye done to the likes of me? I can’t swim a lick! Curses, I still have to deal with them what ignore Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Now be done with it!

The Old Seadog


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National Cheeseburger Day

August 18 is National Cheeseburger Day. Today you may do the cheeseburger crawl, starting with breakfast through midnight snacks, visiting burger places.  Kaelin’s Restaurant in Louisville claims the original cheeseburger though others make the claim. (enough about that, time for me to head to my favorite burger slingers)

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Now and then

Photo is of Anita Hite, descendant of Isaac Hite, founder of Cave Springs Plantation. This was the Hite Mansion. The plantation became Lakeland Asylum (the mansion a nurse dormitory). now Tom Sawyer State Park. House burned in 1940s. The location is directly over Cave Spring and is now an archery range.

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Life on Venus!!!!?

Beware of Venusian attacks! Researchers have detected phosphine gas PH3 in the upper atmosphere of Venus. On earth it is only produced by microbes and human industrial activity. Either Venus has microbes or it has unique chemical activity. On to Venus!

[Editor’s note: Info from Scientific American. Last photo from Mr. Suddeth’s tortured imagination]

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1928 Lakeland Asylum

The lady is Anita Hite, descendant of Isaac Hite, founder of Cave Spring Plantation AKA Hite Plantation that later became Lakeland Asylum, Anchorage, Kentucky. She is also in front of Cave Springs–now called Sauerkraut Cave. She is also standing on what was the Hite Plantation Mansion, in 1928 a dormitory for nurses. (burned down 1940s)

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