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Cave bear sightings!

Cave bears inhabited Europe and central Asia until about 12,000 years ago. An ice age bear was found still frozen. According to National Geographic, grizzly bears were once thought to be North American versions of brow bears, but grizzlies’ DNA has some cave bear in it.

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Cave bears!

Cave bears inhabited Europe and central Asia until about 12,000 years ago. They were bigger than the common brown bear. Imagine spelunking back then?

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Mighty Mount Everest

1953: Sir Edmund Hillary is the first man to climb Mt. Everest. At the summit, he is shocked to find a message waiting for him:


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Saber-toothed tiger sightings! AKA smilodons. They went extinct about 10,000 years – or not. You decide. (best known sighting was in Venezuela) Don’t hike at night alone.

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Today (May 12) is National Limerick Day. This is my second attempt at a limerick. Laughing at me is permissible.

There once was a man who grew tired of strife,

He chose to say goodbye to his good wife,

He frequented bars,

And drove fast cars,

And ended up one night losing his life.

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National Limerick Day

Today (May 12) is National Limerick Day. This is my first attempt at a limerick. Laughing at me is permissible.

There once was a man scared of the virus,

So he feared to be near any of us,

He hid in his room,

And yelled about doom,

Then he was run over by a bus.

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Halfway there, something yelled, YOWL.

Lord of the Caves Part 8

Oh-see-rah stepped in front of his brother. “Where did that come from?”

YOWL! Closer this time. So close Oh-see-rah’s ears rang.

“To the right,” whispered Hah-nah-pah.

“Take my torch,” Oh-see-rah handed him the torch and drew his spear thrower out, quickly lighting a wood-tipped spear.

YOWL! Much closer. Too close.

“Dagger-cat,” Hah-nah-pah whispered.

“The Terrible-Thunderers drove off its game.” Oh-see-rah slapped his spear into the spear thrower. Saber-toothed tigers could see and smell in the night—it knew they were alone and were ripe for picking.

YOWL! Almost on top of them.

Oh-see-rah hurled the flaming spear at the sab-er-toothed tiger and fell back. The spear shot just under one of the long fangs before vanishing in the dark.

“Run!” yelled Oh-see-rah as he jumped to his feet.

YOWL! The saber-toothed-tiger swatted its front paw at Oh-See-rah, just missing his knee.

“I’m going to light another spear,” Oh-see-rah whispered.

Hah-nah-pah held a torch out and Oh-see-rah lit the seap as the saber-toothed tiger stalked them, its head close to the ground and hind legs high, its tail straight up.

Either Oh-see-rah’s spear ran true this time or he was about to be eaten. He slapped the fiery spear in just as the beast leapt. He hurled the spear and fell, his back hitting the ground as he bit his tongue from the impact.

The spear landed in its mane, flames hopping onto the long mane. With no time to get to his feet, Oh-see-rah scooted backwards in the grass, hoping it didn’t land on him.

SCREECH! It wriggled and writhed, snapping at the flames but unable to reach them. One of its paws brushed Oh-see-rah’s bare leg.

Oh-see-rah shot to his feet and staggered backward. The cat turned and bounded into the night, soon vanishing.

“Are you all right?” Hah-nah-pah asked.

Oh-see-rah chuckled. “I may have wet myself.”

Hah-nah-pah handed him a torch. “We’re not far from my cave.”

Soon they were back at Ha-nah-pah’s cave. He told his mate about the new cave though skipping mention of the saber-toothed tiger.  

“I would like that.” She picked up her baby and grabbed the hand of her other offspring. The two men carried as much as they could.

“We can make a second trip,” Oh-see-rah said.

The trip in the night was mercifully tame, and they dropped their piles right behind the sleeping furs of Oh-see-rah’s family. While the two women made living arrangements, the two men hurried back to the other cave.  

“Both families living together will be much safer,” Oh-see-rah said while thinking of the pair of T-Rexes.

“And more hands means it will be easier for food and fires and having company,” Hah-nah-pah replied.

At the other cave, they quickly gathered up the rest of the belongings. Though Oh-see-rah didn’t expect the T-Rexes to terrorize the night, he was wary of their treachery. A T-Rex never forgot an injury and could recognize a man who had dared challenge them. They would seek revenge, hopefully in daylight.

A torch was moving in the night, heading their direction.

Oh-see-rah did not need more trouble. “Hey!”

“Oh-see-rah? It’s Ah-koh-rah.”

Oh-see-rah smiled and halted. Ah-koh-rah’s cave was close by, and they had played together as boys, throwing wooden spears at a cave wall. The three met, their torches making a dent in the blackness.

“Oh-see-rah, I just came from your cave,” said Ah-koh-rah. “Can my family live in the cave, too?”


Copyright 2021 Charles Suddeth

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Caveman Cat

Saber-toothed tiger AKA smilodon was a New World very large cat who went extinct about 10,000 years ago when megafauna such as mastodons and giant sloths went extinct. The first Indians got to meet these beasts!

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This is a real car!

Duesenberg built race cars and luxury cars from 1921 to 1937. If you are lucky enough to find one for sale, be prepared to spend a million. I have never even seen one except photos.

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Dire wolves originated in North America. The size of a large wolf, they have been extinct 9,500 years (or NOT, cameras have caught wolf-like creatures). Beware where you hike.

Two wolves (lat.: Canis lupus) seem more aggressive than usually during the rut period as they snarl in snow at an unidentified nature park in Germany.

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