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Mama Diaries

Sherry Ellis interviews me on her Mama Diaries blog. Sherry is an award-winning children’s author, award-winning professional musician, award-winning blogger, and a music teacher. You are sure to love her blog, and you will learn about me and my middle-reader’s novel, Stone Man and the Trail of Tears. https://sherryellis.blogspot.com/2019/10/guest-author-charles-suddeth.html

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Glory of a Writer

Today, I am visiting with Author Beverly Stowe McClure’s blog: The Glory of a Writer. She blogs about books for children and teens. Today I tell readers Where the story idea for Stone Man and the Trail of Tears came from. I even discuss the days I camped at a Kentucky State Park, only to find out years later it was a camping spot on the Trail of Tears. Please visit her blog—you won’t be sorry!


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Beauty out of Sorrow


This is from an old song and is in response to a death in the family.

Love lifted me!
Love lifted me!
When nothing else could help,
Love lifted me!

I like this chorus because it is timeless and universal. The verses are religious and have a different feel, even the melody is the different. James Rowe wrote these words in 1912 after the Titanic sank. Some music experts believe this inspired the words.

The only thing I want to stress is the healing power of love.

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The Perils of Subbing

I subbed today at an undisclosed location. ECE (special ed) class.

12-year-old boy: I am a werewolf.

Me: That’s nice.

Boy: I’m serious! I can change at will. Even during the day!

Me: Please don’t change and frighten the other kids.

Boy: Am I in trouble?

Me: Not unless you shift right now.

(too weird for me to make up)

Write about it? Yep.

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Today I am with Author Nicole Pyles’s blog, THE WORLD OF MY IMAGINATION: For writing, books, and everything else in my imagination. Today I get wild: 3 Suggestions on a Saturday Night with Author Charles Suddeth. Warning: Hold onto your hats!



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Interviews are fun!

I have an interview today with the blog, The Cynical Sailor and his Salty Sidekick: Purveyors of Eccentric travel adventures on water and land. Though the emphasis is on travel adventures and life on a sailboat, the blog also indulges in book launches. Come have some fun with us!



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Recipes, recipes

Hi! Today I am with Author Sandra Cox and her blog: Sandra’s Blog, which has loads of recipes. My post is Stone Man and Johnnycakes, recipes inspired by my middle-reader’s novel, Stone man and the Trail of Tears. Visit her blog and learn some Cherokee recipes.



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