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Lord of the Caves Part 19

 YOWL! Roared a saber-toothed tiger as it leapt at the Mare. Leaning sideways, Oh-see-rah could see the beast’s wide open fangs. Could the Mare survive this attack? Saber-toothed tigers were capable of downing mastodons and even dinosaurs.

The Mare swiveled, Oh-see-rah legs slipped off her, though he kept his grip on her abundant Mane. His legs dangled in the air and were sure to be the huge cat’s target.

“Epona, Lady of Mares, rescue me,” Oh-see-rah prayed.

The cat backed away from the flailing hooves, but a moment later, it sprang toward Oh-see-rah’s legs. He pulled his legs up as far as he could and stifled a scream.

HEEEEEEEEEY! cried the Mare as she whirled, still on her hind legs. She struck her front hooves at the saber-toothed tiger.

She missed, but the cat fell back and circled, leaping for the Mare’s flanks on the other side. Oh-see-rah pulled himself up, but if the Mare fell, he’d be crushed, assuming the cat didn’t eat him. Or both might happen.

HEEEEEEEEY! cried the Mare as she opened her jaws to fight back.

YOWl! screamed the cat as it dodged her hooves and circled again.

The ground trembled and trees shook like seedlings in a storm. Thunderers, dinosaurs? Oh-see-rah was about to give up.

Hoofbeats sounded. The saber-toothed tiger froze. The Mare lunged at it.

The cat twisted and jumped back though the Mare swiveled and aimed for the cat’s side.

The black stallion galloped toward the cat. Behind the stallion, a dozen horses galloped toward them.

Yowl!!! The saber-toothed tiger rolled away from the stallion and melted into the night.

The stallion returned and nickered HEEEEEH to the Mare.

She nickered back, Heeeeeeh, and they rubbed noses.

Oh-see-rah sat back and took in the view.

The stallion came to Oh-see-rah and pressed his nostrils into Oh-see-rah’s side. He rubbed the stallion between the eyes. The stallion backed until oh-see-rah could no longer touch him.

The Mare galloped away, the stallion staying by her side, though the other horses remained behind. Soon they were running with the wind, Oh-see-rah holding on again. The night went by at a blur. They passed the big lake, the distant water reflecting moon light. Then they came to the creek.

The stallion stopped, but the Mare slowed only to ford the creek. Oh-see-rah wished he could keep the Mare with him, but he had no way to control her. Besides, she controlled him. But he wasn’t complaining.

They came to Tiger Rock Cave. Everyone had gathered out front, even the little ones. A smile bursting from her face, Ee-shee-nah still wore only her High Priestess flowers.

A few paces from them, the Mare halted. Silence sweeping over everyone, even over the night-bound woods. Oh-see-rah was tempted to jump down while he could, but it was a long drop, and he now trusted the Mare with his life.

As before, she knelt on her front legs, allowing him to slide off with a trace of dignity preserved. He stood and hugged her, kissing her head. She nuzzled his side. He backed away.

She rose to her feet, whirled around, and sped into the night. He wouldn’t be surprised if she could somehow fly.

He joined the others and hugged Ee-shee-nah and their offspring. He went inside, stood on the Speaking Stone he’d used before, and told them about his adventure.

He raised his right hand high. “From now on, no one is allowed to hunt horses. Whoever violates this law shall have to answer to me. And to the Mare. And to the black stallion.”

Everyone bowed, even Ee-shee-nah.

Slivers of light sliced into the cave, which meant daybreak was fast approaching. Oh-see-rah held his hands out, palms up. “It is almost too late to hunt or forage.”

Ee-see-nah shook her head. “We are ready. We will feast off our stores.”

Soon, smoked fish were being warmed as people baked millet cakes on a flat rock. Others found nuts and dried fruit. Everyone gathered and dined, chattered, laughed. Small boys and girls shyly approached Oh-see-rah and touched his arms as if he were holy.

The feast ended, everyone ready for a good day’s sleep.

Hah-nah-pah pointed to Oh-see-rah’s sleeping furs. “We will take the watches. Be with your mate.”

“Thank you,” said Oh-see-rah as he headed for their sleeping furs.

Ee-shee-nah poked her head out. “Our little ones are sharing the other sleeping fur. Come with me.”

“Sleep sounds so good.” Oh-see-rah crawled in beside her.

She lifted the furs off her, allowing him a full view of her curves and peaks. She wore nothing save for a lily in her hair. “You have all day to sleep. Come to me.”


Copyright 2021 Charles Suddeth

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Intelligent Animals

Kentucky the Jackass state?

Nowadays donkey is the preferred term. George Washington of Virginia and Henry Clay of Kentucky helped to develop the American Mammoth Jackstock breed. Jacks (male donkeys) are bred with mares to produce draft and riding mules. As a baby, I lived on a mule-powered farm, still love the rascals.

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Litha is the Pagan/Wicca celebration of Midsummer. Bonfires representing the sun’s strength are celebrated this day. The Sun God/Green Man/Lugh are some gods—some goddesses such as Innana/Epona/Sunna. Celebrate with reverence and enjoy.

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Midsummer/Summer Solstice

Sunday June 20 was the longest day of year, the beginning of summer. Barbecues, swimming, vacation, normal life again? Enjoy the sunshine, it was also the shortest night of the year.

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I want to wish my dad Happy Father’s Day. He arrived in this world in December 1928 Indianapolis and departed for the Summerlands July 2006 Jeffersonville, Indiana. Though we had issues, I do miss him. Charles George Suddeth

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Happy Father’s Day!  

As the Cherokee say: Alihelisdodi digadoda igoi ᎠᎵᎮᎵᏍᏙᏗ ᏗᎦᏙᏓ ᎢᎪᎢ (happy fathers today)

Noss: What Pocahontas (Mattaponi) would have called Powhatan, her father.

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Photo of Lexington Kentucky slave trading. Possibly 1862.

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Last Slave

Happy Juneteenth Day! On this day, slavery in Texas was abolished. It’s been celebrated since 1866.

Peter Mills, October 26, 1861 to September 22, 1972, last known survivor of slavery.

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The original sports car

Stutz Bearcat was the sports model for Stutz Motors from 1912 to 1934. I never saw one, but one was in an old movie, Summer Magic. The only thing I recall from the movie is the car. (around 1990 the brand was revived so I am not the only one captivated by the car)

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This was dying in style. So be it. Oh-see-rah yelled, “AAAAAY!”

Lord of the Caves Part 18

Oh-see-rah clung to the Mare’s mane as she raced through the night and bounced him up and down and all around. Though he couldn’t see the forest because of the dark, the eyes of a thousand night creatures glowed through the swirling mists, the creatures fleeing as if afraid of the Mare.

How would death come? Would she buck and shoot him into the dark? Perhaps into the jaws of a dire wolf. Or she might make him tumble off, circle around and trample him with giant hooves. He smelled water—perhaps she would wade into the lake and shrug him off, let him drown. Though he could swim, she no doubt would hold him under water, let the Lady of the Lake take his body and soul.

The Mare galloped along the Lake’s shoreline. Oh-see-rah had been to this lake a long time ago—it was much bigger than the lake near Tiger Rock Cave. If he could get her into the water, perhaps he could slip into the lake and swim into the dark.

He shook his head. Those were coward’s thoughts. He was a sacrifice and needed to quit thinking about escape. Though he would miss Ee-shee-nah and their offspring, no one lived forever.

The Mare nickered and veered away from the lake, passing through a forest. Oh-see-rah ducked down to avoid being brained by tree limbs. Leaves and twigs caught in his hair—he wished he’d asked Ee-shee-nah to cut his locks. He grinned and spat out leaves. It no longer mattered. His life had but a short span to go.

The trees thinned out and disappeared, a fat moon glowing on him. Distant dark shapes ahead must be hills. The Mare seemed to stretch out and gallop even faster. Oh-see-rah had trouble catching his breath.

The Mare slowed to a trot. Though hills were on both sides of them, Oh-see-rah remained level—they were going through a pass, a gap in the hills. At this point, he just wanted his ordeal over with—his ancestors awaited him.

They entered a fogbound hollow, and she halted. What now? He sniffed—his nostrils filled with the musk of horse sweat, then he realized that beneath him was a mare the size of a hill.

The moon danced away from the clouds, and he blinked. Before him dozens or horses grazed, circled, or gazed back at him. Was she feeding him to her tribe? His belly lurched. He had hoped for a swift death.

A mountain-sized stallion every bit as big as the Mare nickered and pranced to them. This stallion had a chest as wide as a man’s height and was the color of the night. Oh-see-rah took a deep breath—the Mare was going to feed him to the Stallion.

The Mare and Stallion nickered to each other as the other horses watched them. Oh-see-rah believed that this pair was the king and queen of their band.

Then the Stallion turned his attention to Oh-see-rah whose fingers and toes were twitching until he could barely old still.

The Stallion halted beside Oh-see-rah. I stink, don’t eat me, Oh-see-rah wanted to say. The Stallion nickered to him, and he dearly wished he could understand the tongue of horses. As if she were used to this, the Mare moved not a muscle.

The Stallion thrust his head forward and nudged Oh-see-rah’s side just enough to make it tickle. Not knowing what else to do, Oh-see-rah gently rubbed him between the eyes. The Stallion nickered as if he relished the attention. He continued to rub the stallion, moving to his jaw.

The Mare nickered, and the Stallion backed away. Oh-see-rah hoped he had made friends and wouldn’t be eaten.

The Mare whirled around and galloped toward the pass, soon leaving through the pass. Oh-see-rah didn’t understand why he yet lived, but life was good.

Soon she was galloping faster than the wind, the herd far behind. What next? Oh-see-rah wished he could explain to her how waiting to die was torture.


The Mare reared straight up, Oh-see-rah clinging to her mane.


Copyright 2021 Charles Suddeth

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