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Catch that Checker cab!

Who remembers Checker Taxis? Checker Motors of Kalamazoo, Michigan operated from 1922 to 1982. They primarily served the taxicab market, but private citizens wanting a car that would last for years sometimes bought them.

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Bawdy fun

The can-can began in France in the 1820s, first as a couple’s dance then as a male chorus line, later becoming the bawdy dance hall show that everyone loves. The can-can has been in movies, operas, ballets, musicals, but it is best known in Jacques Offenbach’s Orpheus in the Underworld, my favorite.  (it would be a good exercise routine)

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Life in the holler

My maternal grandmother’s family (Gillenwaters, Simmons, Ward) were from Hickory Cove, Hawkins County, Tennessee, just north of Rogersville. (Cove means holler) About 1845, the whole bunch mover to Fountain Run, Kentucky, not sure why. (Rogers Tavern, Rogersville is likely one of the few buildings they would recognize)

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Rose Island was an amusement park destroyed by the 1937 Ohio River flood. Do ghosts wander this island? Now it is part of Charlestown State Park, Charlestown Indiana. Bridge across Fourteen-mile Creek connects Rose Island with the rest of the park. Eric Suddeth photos. October 19, 2021

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Hunter’s Moon is October 20. This is a special full moon, the night of the Wild Hunt, led by Hell Hounds, gathering souls for the underworld. Enjoy.

Cherokee: Harvest Moon Duninudi ᏚᏂᏄᏗ, “Harvest Festival” Nowatequa ᏃᏩᏖᏆ..

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Plantation in the swamps

Fishpool Plantation was located off Preston Hwy, south of Louisville in the Wet Woods (swamps) I used to pass it all the time before construction took the plantation. The house has been moved to a spot near Bluelick Road.

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October 19 is National Kentucky Day. We were the 15th state. Kentucky Derby, Mammoth Cave, and bourbon are what we are known for. Burgoo and hot Browns, too. Y’all are welcome to visit us or just stop by and say howdy.

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Defeat is a bitter pill

The utter humiliation of defeat

I once rode with George as he dragged-raced on Telegraph Rd, Trenton, Michigan. He drove his Chevelle SS 327 (327 cubic inches). He had won all his races when a man driving a decrepit Studebaker challenged us.

The Studebaker shot away from the green light, shifting into 2nd, going out of sight. He stopped and told us his Studebaker had a 500 cubic inch Cadillac engine.

George sold his car, bought a Chevelle SS 396. The Studebaker dude is probably still laughing.

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Purple passion

Purple pleasing sunset on the Ohio River, Utica Indiana, just upriver from Louisville. October 13, 2021 photos by Eric Suddeth.

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Sequoya Day

Osiyo ᎣᏏᏲ hello

October 15 is Sequoya Day. 200 years ago, Sequoya ᏎᏉᏯ (1770-1843) presented the Cherokee Syllabary to the Cherokee people. His script inspired the invention of 21 other scripts. We honor his memory. Wado ᏩᏙ thank you.

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