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Where is Lower Slobbovia? For those who are not geography buffs, Lil’ Abner was a comic strip by Al Capp from 1934 to 1977. The main town was Dogpatch, Kentucky. Lower Slobbovia sounds suspiciously like Siberia. Daisy Mae is another story I will save for another day.

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Cold Moon!

Tonight (12.12.2019) is a full moon, the Cold Moon. Sorry but the 12:12 posts are wrong, according to NASA—it is at 12:16. Cold either way you go.

The Cherokee call it Snow Moon Usgiyi ᎤᏍᎩᏱ The spirit being, “Snow Man”, brings the cold and snow for the earth to cover the high places while the earth rests until the rebirth of the seasons in the Windy Moon Anuyi.


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Village Lights Bookstore

Saturday December 21, 2019 from 1 PM to 3 PM, I will have a book signing for my just released Stone Man and the Trail of Tears. My picture book, Spearfinger, will also be available. Come join us.

110 East Main Street, Madison, IN 47250


Stone Man and the Trail of Tears. Middle readers—ages 8 to 12. This was inspired by my great-great grandfather, Bill Pennington, who was born in 1830. During the 1838 Trail of Tears, he and his family fled from their Cherokee village and settled in a rural area a few miles north of Charlestown, Indiana.

After U.S. soldiers attack twelve-year-old Tsatsi’s Cherokee village, his family flees to the Smoky Mountains. Facing storms, flood, and hunger, they’re forced to go where Stone Man, a monstrous giant, is rumored to live. Their journey is a dangerous one. Will Tsatsi find the strength to become a Cherokee warrior? And will they ever find their family again?

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Nuther Hillbilly Recipe

Grapes Suzette: Submitted by Suzie down in Rattlesnake Holler. She stuck grape preserves and sorghum molasses between 2 pancakes. She accidentally spilled Bourbon on it and knocked a candle over. She put out the fire, but her man gobbled the pancakes and loved them. Folks back in the county seat took a hankering to them. Now Suzie’s famous. (Hey, I ain’t a cook, so beware my advice)

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Buy one print book direct & get TWO eBooks or ONE eBook & ONE audio book free.*

Buy one eBook direct & get ONE eBook or ONE audio book free.*

When placing your order, note which books you want & in what eBook format.

Note that print orders placed after December 12th and eBook orders after December 23rd not guaranteed for Christmas delivery.

All print orders come with free swag.

*Multi-book eBook and audio book sets not eligible.

This Includes my novel, Stone Man and the Trail of Tears!


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Trail of Tears!

The Cherokee Trail of Tears started in October 1838. About 18,000 Cherokees went west to Oklahoma, about 25% dying on the way. The family in my novel, Stone Man and the Trail of Tears, fled from the soldiers.

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I climbed Diamond Head in 1988 on honeymoon. (my wife wisely chose to not climb) Rough climb, great view. I later learned that a radar station on Diamond Head had detected the invading Japanese airplanes heading for Pearl Harbor, but the radar was primitive. The radar operator decided that the planes were American bombers coming from California. The rest is sad history.


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