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Kentucky Ghost Town: John Prine wrote “Paradise,” about Paradise, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky. In 1967, the TVA closed the town due to its proximity to a coal-fired power plant. Alas, Paradise is gone.

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Ghost isle

Stroma Island/ghost town is off the north coast of Scotland. The town of 341 was abandoned in 1961, the light house abandoned in 1997. Once the home to a castle and moonshiners, the 930 acres are now a sheep pasture. And ghosts?

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February Full Moon

Last night (February 27) was the Snow Full Moon. Guess why? [photo: last night, should still be full tonight]

Cherokee: Bone Moon Kagali ᎧᎦᎵ. Medicine Dance officiated by a “doctor” Didanawiskawi ᏗᏓᎾᏫᏍᎧᏫ.

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Keep out of the water!

Peach blossom jellyfish: the only freshwater jellyfish found in North America. They are only about an inch diameter and too small to sting humans. Penny photo is the Ohio River.

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Epona’s White Horses

The Chalk Horses of England may be 3,000 years old, estimates vary. I believe they honor Epona, fertility queen/goddess of horses. Chalk horses—2 of many: Uffington White Horse—360 feet long—White Horse Hill—outline. Bratton White Horse—160 feet—Westbury—solid.

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Queen Epona

Epona the Celtic Horse Goddess Queen who also led souls to the afterlife. Roman cavalry worshiped her. Pictured is a small Epona Temple that might have stood next to a Roman garrison.  

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Don’t go in the water!

Freshwater octopuses? No, say the experts. BUT, they are turning up in the Ohio River, especially at the Falls of the Ohio State Park in Jeffersonville, Indiana, across the river from Louisville. 3 theories: 1) pets let free 2) an octopus who swam up river from the Gulf of Mexico 3) A saltwater species is adapting to freshwater.

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Let the good times roll!

Headley Hill Band: Johnny’s stride accordion, Alice’s bebop tuba, Hank’s bopping steel guitar, and Doreen’s grooving bagpipes. In this era of social distancing, no band photos available. Beloved by the peasants of Headley Hill. [Editor’s note: Mr. Suddeth has slurped coffee all morning]

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Why Lady Godiva Rode!

Real story behind Lady Godiva’s (Godgifu’s) ride through Coventry. In 1000 AD central England was the last place to convert to Christianity. Lady Godiva represented Lady Epona, the British Horse Goddess and Queen of Fertility. Her ride brought good luck to the village. [She rode wearing a shift, not nude—she’s my great…great grandmother!]

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Star gazing from Mars

Color image self-explanatory. Jupiter as seen from Mars.

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