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Old Haiti

In 1492, the island of Hispaniola was known as Haiti–it was ruled over by 5 caciques, Taino chiefs. Today the country of Haiti is on the west side and the Dominican Republic is on the east. In rural areas of the Dominican Republic, Taino culture is thriving.

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Real horsepower!

Horse pulls are contests where horse teams pull a stone-boat. The team who pulls the heaviest weight wins. I used to go to them when I lived in Michigan where they are popular. (animal rights people: these horses are treated like members of the family) http://horsepull.com/

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Harness racing are horse races where the driver sits in a 2-wheeled cart with a Standardbred in harness. The one-mile races are of 2 gaits: trotters–diagonal legs moving together or pacers–left/right moving together. Louisville no longer has a harness track. Kentucky does have 3: Player’s Bluegrass Downs, Red Mile, Thunder Ridge. (Churchill Downs, please reopen Louisville Downs)

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Enjoy this day!

Happy Labor Day to everyone. If you labor at a desk or in the fields, you deserve a break!

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Two incredible music people were born in the 30s and died long ago in plane crashes. Buddy Holly born September 7, 1936 – died February 3, 1959 in an Iowa cornfield. Patsy Cline September 8 (some sources claim 7th), 1932 – died March 5, 1963 in Tennessee. Both pilots were flying in bad weather but were unqualified to fly with just instruments. Both crashes occurred shortly after takeoff. Rock died in 1959, country in 1963.(Buddy 1st)

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Mules away!

Mule racing has hit California. Kentucky next? I hope so. When I was small, we lived on a mule-powered farm on the Ohio River near Charlestown Indiana.

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The next big thing?

Chariot racing still takes place in the USA though the chariots are modern. The races are sprints, similar to Quarter horse racing. I would love to see this in the flesh. (Churchill Downs, are you listening?)

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Little Derby?

I have a suggestion for Churchill Downs: Pony racing. Call it the Little Kentucky Derby. I first watched pony races when I was a vet student at Michigan State. They are a lot of fun.

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Today (Saturday, September 5) is the COVID19 delayed Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs–post time 7:02 eastern time. The favorites have outside post positions which may make it hard to get to the front, so this may be a wild race. And I don’t claim to be an expert, but here are my picks:


Place–Tiz the Law

Show–Storm the Court

Look out for Sole Volante–he has the best Dosage (breeding index) and may surprise everyone.

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The Cherokee National Holiday commemorates the signing of the Cherokee Nation
Constitution in 1839. It is held in Tahlequah Oklahoma Labor Day weekend—this year will be a virtual celebration. This includes powwow dancing and a gift shop. Visit the official site:[no charge but register] https://cherokeenationbusinesses.us6.list-manage.com/track/click?u=a7f0855ea3954aa3b694e3ce2&id=1f0b34c1e4&e=d1702f0a76


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