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The real Avalon!

Avalon (Cornish Isle of Apples) was where the badly wounded King Arthur was taken. Avalon was called Glastonbury Tor by the Anglo-Saxons. Now a hill, it was once surrounded by marshes.


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Merlin had a lover!

Merlin fell in love with Nimueh AKA Lady of the Lake AKA Rhiannon, Welsh goddess queen. She is associated with Excalibur, but the stories never end well. Poor Merlin.

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Though born in the Lucayan Islands (Bahamas), Caonabo was Taino Cacique of Maguana on Hispaniola. In 1494, he conquered a fort, La Navidad. The Spanish returned and captured him. His brother, Manicatex, tried to rescue him but was also captured. Caonabo died of illness at sea.

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Perfect mac and cheese: Don’t let your mom use wholegrains. Or sharp cheese (who wants sharp stuff in your food). Or weird shapes like seashells. She may put a tomato on top or veggies inside—refuse to eat it.  Next dump gobs of ketchup all over it. Throw your fork on the floor and grab a spoon. [Editor’s note: while Mr. Suddeth was dozing, a neighborhood urchin took over his computer]

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Equine perfection

Percherons are my favorite breed of draft horse. They originated as war horses in the French province Perche. Before World War II, they were the most common draft horse, especially in cities. Nowadays, they are popular for logging, hauling carriages, and as jumpers.

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Using an interception app and a translation app, I intercepted this message:

Attention fleet!

The USA captured one of our pilots. He is in Area 51—you have permission to attack Earth.

Mars Central

[Editor’s note: Who snuck Bourbon into Mr. Suddeth’s coffee?]

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Boriken Hero

Agüeybana el Bravo AKA Agüeybana II “the Great Sun” was Cacique or chief of the Tainos of Boriken AKA Puerto Rico. Leading the Tainos in war against the Spanish, he died in the 1511 Battle of Yagüecas.

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Borvo was a Gaulish (Celtic) god of hot springs and healing. He was also associated with froth as in Bourbon, the French form of Borvo, we know as whiskey. 2 goddesses were associated with him—Damona (consort/divine cow) and Bormana (wife/hot springs goddess) Get your healing in a hot springs or internally via medicinal Bourbon.

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Merlin’s favorite meal

He loved Cornish Rarebit, similar to Welsh Rarebit. Once called Cornish rabbit, but no bunnies were harmed. A sauce consisting of Cornish beer and Yarg cheese is combined with eggs, flour, tomatoes, butter, and spices is poured over sourdough toast. Save some for Merlin or you may be turned into a hare.

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Legend says Guinevere, Cornish Gwynnever, Modern Cornish Jennifer. It means white sorceress. Alas, no one has connected her to a real person. Mythologists connect her to the White Goddess. Perhaps, Cornwall can crown a new queen, Queen Jennifer. (King Arthur is supposed to resurrect when his people need him, why not Guinevere too?)

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