My Derby Picks

2022 Kentucky Derby picks. Saturday May 7

My picks based on dosage, mudders, records.




Just my opinions—who am I?

Kentucky Oaks (Run for the Lilies) Fillies race Friday May6, Churchill Downs.

My picks—these 3 have good records, god post positions and are mudders.

Win—Echo Zulu

Place—Nest—Todd Pletcher

Show—Kathleen O.

Keep an eye on Venti Valentine—mudder with good post position, less results

Just my opinion—lived on a farm with mules but no horses.

Echo Zulu


Take me to Thurby


Thurby (May 5) is the Thursday before the Kentucky Derby! Crowds, food, music, horse racing. Louisville locals day but all are welcome!

Cinco de Mayo

I wish a Happy Cinco de Mayo (May 5) to Mexican-Americans and many Mexicans celebrating the 1862 Mexican victory over French troops. Salute!

The Great Steamboat Race is always the Wednesday before the Kentucky Derby. Steamboats race on the Ohio River from the George Rogers Clark Memorial Bridge to Six-mile Island and back again. The Belle of Louisville and the Belle of Cincinnati are joined this year by the American Countess. (Part of the Kentucky Derby Festival) [photos of last year and American Countess]

Derby breakfast done right:

Breakfast for the Kentucky Derby is CHEESE GRITS. They are simple to make and everyone loves them: 2 cups water, ½ cup Quaker Quick Grits, 1/3 cup shredded cheddar or Velveeta, ¼ tsp paprika, salt/pepper/garlic to taste.

Stir in grits to boiling water, boil 4-5 minutes, stir cheese and all, cook until cheese melted. Serve with country ham, biscuits, eggs. 

Derby Dessert

THE Derby dessert: Derby Pie (trade-marked) was created by George Kern in 1954 at the Melrose Inn Prospect, Kentucky (closed 2000). It is a chocolate, walnut tart/pie.  Delicious. Pegasus Pie is similar though I have not tried it.

Beware the fae!

May 1 is Beltane (as in bale fires), a Celtic celebration on the cross-quarters, midpoint between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice AKA Mayday. The fun part is Maypoles as fertility rites. Be warned, the Fae are about on this day—the Beltane fires will drive them away.

Oldest love poem

My version of the Akkadian: Assyrian farmer’s daughter to her shepherd lover 4,000 years ago

The shepherd,

Look for me until you find me,

I’m in the desert,

I’m cutting thorns down,

Now, I’m planting grape seeds.

Farmer’s daughter,

Water has put out the flames in my heart,

I love you and want to take care of you,

Take care of me as you do your flock of sheep,

Look for me until you find me.

I like to think they married, and their descendants live in Iraq.

Instead of calling Louisville Derby City, just maybe we should call it Burgoo City. BURGOO is a spicy, 3-meat vegetable stew that is the Derby food. Old timers would toss whatever they bagged in a huge kettle over an open fire. West Kentucky likes mutton. I usually use country ham, stewing beef, and chicken. Typical veggies would be potatoes, onions, corn, lima beans, okra, Spicy: hot sauce, your choice of peppers, garlic, Worcester sauce. And don’t forget a nip of Bourbon! Call me when it’s ready!

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