Wampanoag Thanksgiving!

The Wampanoag met the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock. The Wampanoag are still around!

Here are a few Wopanaak (Wampanoag) words for Thanksgiving:

Nahenan – turkey

Pôhpukun – pumpkin

Wiwáhcum – corn

Wuyôkuhpwu – dine

Pun – potato

Masqusitash – beans

Pôcumunsh – cranberries 

Kutâputush – thank you

Nasaump, cornmeal porridge—Ancient Wampanoag recipe:  1 cup stone ground flint cornmeal, ⅓ cup small strawberries, ⅓ cup blueberries, 2 TBS crushed black walnuts, 2 TBS crushed hazelnuts, 2 TBS crushed pumpkin seeds, optional maple syrup. Boil in water for 15 minutes. Serve. If allowed to cool and harden, it can be fried as cakes.

Sobaheg—Wampanoag for stew: turkey or venison, mixed beans, hominy, dried onions, cubed winter squash/pumpkin, green beans, pounded sunflower seeds or nuts, green beans, optional clam juice and Jerusalem artichokes.

Puttuckqunnege—Wampanoag boiled bread: Moisten with very hot water and form into patties. Drop into boiling water. Patties rise to the top when cooked. Sweeten with maple syrup. half cup each:  cornmeal, corn flour, dried berries (cranberries, blueberries, currants), crushed nuts/seeds (walnuts, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds)

Cherokee Thanksgiving Treat

Cherokee chestnut dish—disquani—ᏗᏍᏆᏂ

Boil 1 qt peeled, hulled chestnuts in 2 cups water and 1 cup honey/maple sugar about 15 min. Mash chestnuts with cooked pinto beans.  Flavor with your choice of ramps, onions, sassafras or sweetgrass (pictured).

The Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe of Cape Cod, Massachusetts is one of 2 Federally-recognized Wampanoag groups. 3,000 Wampanoag live on a 300-acre reservation. Yes, they and other Wampanoags met the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock.

Thanksgiving Treat

Cherokee chestnut bread—gadu disquani–ᎦᏚ ᏗᏍᏆᏂ

Boil 1 qt peeled, hulled chestnuts in 2 cups water and 1 cup honey/maple sugar about 15 min. Add chestnuts to 1 qt cornmeal, ½ tsp soda, optional salt—add water to form dough. Wrap in hickory leaves or corn shucks and tie. Drop in boiling water, simmer 1 hour.

Wassamasaw Tribe, Varnertown, South Carolina, in the Wassamassaw Swamp. They have gained state recognition and are 1500 strong. They are descendants of several allied tribes.

Little Deuce Coup is one of my favorite Beach Boys songs. A Deuce Coup is a 1932 Ford Coupe modified for drag racing. The “pink slip” refers to the winner receiving the loser’s car, if I understand correctly. I got to see them live and hear this song many years ago at Michigan State University. I still love all their songs.

Steam locomotive days

This is 1930s, Lyndon Station, 10 miles east of Louisville. This would be near the intersection of Lagrange Road and Lyndon Lane, the 2 main tracks are still here. The green houses were torn down a few years ago. I love this locomotive.

Pocahontas lived here?

Powhatan’s Chimney, near Werowocomoco, on the York River, Virginia was a Mattaponi village, Wahunsenaca, Pocahontas’s father, was chief. The winter of 1608/1609, the English were building him a home, but the village was abandoned in early 1609.

Orange delight

Orange dreams–dawn on the Ohio River, Utica, Indiana, a few miles upriver from Louisville. Tuesday, November 16, 2021. Eric Suddeth photo 111621

Powhatan Capitol: Werowocomoco (chief’s town) was a Mattaponi village, Wahunsenaca, Pocahontas’s father, was chief of the Powhatan confederacy. The village was located on the York River. After 4 centuries, it was abandoned in 1609 because of danger from the English at nearby Jamestown. It was also Pocahontas’s birthplace. It now belongs to the National Park Service.

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