Guy with a bow and arrow


Cupid is from the Latin word for “desire.” He is the son of Venus and Mars (Eros in Greek). His depictions show him anywhere from a chubby child with a bow to an erotic young man with a bow—Valentine’s Day can be anywhere from pure love to carnal love.



Suspicious character spotted

Today an ill-clothed character has been spotted shooting arrows around town. (some claim to have seen wings) Several people have been shot. The culprit answers to Cupid but refuses to reveal his last name. If spotted, dive for cover.



Palentine’s Day

February 13th is now Palentine’s Day. The day for pals and friendship–not love.


Pages for Thoughts

Teen book review by a teen named Julia:

Stone Man and the Trail of Tears is a middle grade historical fiction story that was sent to me by the publisher. This book will be released in exactly one month on October 8th. As the Americans continued to explore the westward areas of the United States, the Indian Removal Act of 1830 allowed the military to take the Native tribe’s land and relocate them- by force if necessary. When twelve-year-old Tsatsi’s village is attacked by soldiers and his family kidnapped, he and his younger sister are on the run. With the help of a white man named Johnny, Tsatsi must become a Cherokee warrior and find the strength to get to Oconaluftee.

I enjoyed how the story accurately conveyed the historical attacks against the Cherokee tribes. Stone Man and the Trail of Tears could be a useful educational tool. I also thought it was extremely important and beneficial how Stone Man and the Trail of Tears proves that not all white men were evil and discriminatory. Johnny took unfathomable risks to protect these two kids, inspiring others to do the same and reach out to those in need. The scenery was wonderful and I loved the action-packed scenes. As sad as the story was, I liked how all the characters were still hopeful and did not give up. We should all have the mentality of these characters. I adored the ending and it warmed my heart!

I highly recommend you read this book!

Title: Stone Man and the Trail of Tears
Author: Charles Suddeth
Publisher: Dancing Lemur Press LLC

Ancient Words IV

Long ago we all sat around the same campfire

Part four: some languages have a sibilant for water, similar to stream—from Proto Indo-European *sreu- to flow, stream


Shui water—Mandarin Chinese

Su water—Turkish

Us water—Mongolian

Zou water—Bobo



The Pope Lick Monster inhabits the high train trestle spanning Pope Lick Creek near Fisherville, Kentucky. (Pope was a pioneering family who owned a salt lick)

“I am sick of being called a goat-man. I am neither goat nor man. I am your worst nightmares come true.”

[warning: many people have died on this no-trespassing train trestle]


Ancient Words III

Long ago we all sat around the same campfire

Proto-Indo-European had separate words for moist, standing water, and running water


Part three: water—from Proto Indo-European *akwa- water (water as animate, flowing):

ea (eya) river—Anglo-Saxon

ab water—Sumerian

mbi (mBEE) water—Lenape/Delaware

ap water—Sanskrit

aqua (akwa) water—Latin

yeb water—Balinese

yaku water—Quechua


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