Who stole the Moon? In 1010 AD, the Moon vanished, reappearing in 1020. This has baffled scientists. Recently they learned that Japan’s Mt. Asama erupted in 1008 with possibly other eruptions added more volcanic. Very cold weather combined to hide the moon. I am just glad the Goddess Diana wasn’t abducted and held ransom for 10 years (ancient explanation?).

Jesse James, spelunker

In 1880, Jesse James toured Mammoth Cave. The next day, he robbed the Mammoth Cave stagecoach. A graffiti was found in the cave: Jessie James 1872—scouting for a holdup? (call to see if the stage and signature are open to the public)https://www.facebook.com/MammothCaveNPS/posts/its-documented-that-in-1880-the-outlaw-jesse-james-took-a-tour-at-mammoth-cave-a/3160788030606392/

Shawnee pawpaw pones

2 cups cornmeal, ¼ cup pawpaw pulp, ¼ cup oil, nutmeg/allspice, currants or nuts optional. Drop by TBS onto cornstarch/baking sheet. Bake.

Meet our ancestor!

Maybe. Heidelberg Man (Homo heidelbergensis) is the ancestor of Humans and Neanderthals, or just Neanderthals as some studies suggest. They lived from 700,000 to 200,000 years ago in Europe, Africa and Asia. They made tools, used language etc.


Scientists with lots of time on their hands discovered that cows moo with accents varying from farm to farm, maybe from country to country. https://ricksinfoblog.com/cows-moo-with-an-accent/  In college, I had 2 dairy courses. Here are my suggestions:

Le moo—French cows

Das moo—German “

Moo yall—Southern “

Moo eh?—Canadian “

Moosky—Russian “

Moo mate—Australian “

Quantrill’s end

The James bros and Pence bros came from the Little Dixie area, Kearney Missouri, many of the families settling from Kentucky. At the Civil War’s end, the James bros and the Pence bros hid in Chaplin Kentucky with William Quantrill. They hanged a rapist—the wrong man. On the run, they ended up in a barn near a train station in Wakefield, Kentucky. I believe they were going to escape on the train, but the Shelby County Home Guards cornered them. Quantrill was mortally wounded but the others fled to Chaplin. [Jesse James birthplace, Quantrill]


This is Bob Hedge Park, Jeffersonville Indiana. I love the way snow has coated all the branches. This park is dedicated for handicapped children. Eric Suddeth photo 010821

1 cup dried hominy, 3 cups water, 1 cup chopped black walnuts/hickory nuts, 1 cup dried currants/raisins, hickory salt flavoring. Boil and simmer hominy. Add other items, cook. Chopped jerky may be added.

BLC1 has happened! (Breakthrough Listen Candidate 1) A SETI radio signal candidate. Proxima centauri is a small star 4.2 light years away, our closest neighbor. Proxima B, one of its planets, may be earth-like. In 2019, possible SETI signals were detected, and in December 2020, scientist decided to categorize it BLC-1, though other explanations are possible.

Losing your cool

William Quantrill’s Raiders entered Wakefield Kentucky May 1865. A log wagon was mired in the road and blocked it. In front of the Smiley School, with the children and town watching, he shot the 7 horses. Normally levelheaded, the Shelby County Home Guards were chasing him. It was then he detoured into the barn, where they fatally wounded him.

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