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The Other Roswell!

About 20 miles south of Louisville, Roswell, Kentucky is the site of an abandoned strip mine where several UFO’s have crashed. Scientists at the Louisville State University School of Astrophysics recently retrieved the wreckage and two bodies from a UFO that crashed in Roswell. Officials plan to build a museum to house these artifacts.

[Editor’s note: It is April 1st, and Mr. Suddeth refuses to cut back on coffee]



Science Marches On

Agri-scientists at the Louisville State University School of Agriculture have developed the Cocoa Hen, which lays chocolate eggs (yellow yolk, chocolate white) after eating cocoa pellets. (LSU’s Smyrna Pike Experimental Poultry Farm) Officials predict the eggs will be on the market in time for Easter.

[Editor’s note: It is April 1st, and Mr. Suddeth has drunk far too much coffee]


Home with who?

Hangin’ With the Homefolks

Charles Suddeth


We don’t allow no strangers and stragglers,

Neighbors best keep your six feet or more,

I haven’t seen a fresh face in many weeks,

I don’t care to get close to any old soul.


I’ve got my roommate to keep me company,

We gab and laugh at moldy, old jokes,

We take turns cooking and cleaning and all,

It helps pass the time, don’t you know?


I live alone, you say, but who’s here?

Has cabin fever mucked with my mind?

Not only do I see things that don’t exist,

But I chat and they answer right away.


Now I am too frightened to speak,

Madness has struck this lonely boy,

Or is it something else? Dare I say it?

Ghosts have cast their spells on me.



Pok-ta-pok AKA Pitz (modern version is ulama) is a 4,000-year-old Mayan ballgame played with a hard rubber ball on a stone court (signifying Xibalba, Mayan underworld) that was larger than a football field. No hands were allowed. This is a game for real men.



Homo heidelbergensis, Heidelberg Man, lived from 700,00 to 300,000 year ago in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. They used language, wooden spears, burial of the dead, and huts. Some scientists believe Heidelberg Man was the ancestors of Neanderthal and modern humans. Others believe only the Neanderthals were the descendants of Heidelberg Man. Since we all have a little Neanderthal blood, one way or another, Heidelberg Man is our ancestor.

The first superhero?


Gilgamesh (name means hero-ancestor) lived in Uruk, Sumeria over 4,500 years ago. His story was recounted in the Epic of Gilgamesh. His sidekick was named Enkidu. Gilgamesh killed a supernatural ogre named Huwawa, guardian of the Gods’ Cedar Forest. Later, he slayed the Bull of Heaven, incurring the Gods’ wrath. He had many other adventures. He reminds me of the semi-legendary King Arthur. Write about him? Oh, yes.




Pocahontas was a chief’s daughter, but she liked to cook.

Pungnough AKA corncob flour. Make a dough by combining corncob flour and water. The dough was formed into a flat cake and covered with leaves. Next, hot ashes were added on top of the leaves, which baked the cake. Talk about a smart use of resources! The dough could also be formed into balls and boiled as dumplings. [John Smith wrote in his journals that he didn’t like Pungnough] (she is said to be my great…great grandmother, but that is another story)


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