Parallel Universe!

Working in Antarctica, NASA scientists working with the Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna or ANITA detected neutrinos coming from Earth’s interior instead of outer space—once thought impossible. One theory is they came from a Parallel Universe where time operates in reverse. The theory is that after the Big Bang, 2 universes were created—ours and a mirror image of ours, a parallel universe where left and right and so on are the opposite. Don’t make travel plans yet—other theories may arise.


Mighty Nantahala

The Nantahala River runs in western North Carolina. It was named after the town of Nantahala, which means “Noonday sun” in Cherokee—cliffs hid the sun until noon. Part of my children’s novel, Stone man and the Trail of Tears, takes place along this river. (I believe the town site is under water)


Stone Man kidnaps Tsatsi’s sister during the #Cherokee Trail of Tears. Can Tsati rescue her? Is Stone Man a monster? Stone Man by Charles Suddeth   http://tinyurl.com/y4fptr67 Kobo – http://tinyurl.com/y34p62re @dancinglemurpre – http://tinyurl.com/y8pt5kx8 #history #nativeamerican

Deadwood Dick AKA Red River Dick AKA Nat Love was born a slave in 1854 on a Tennessee plantation. After the war, he moved to Dodge City and became a cowboy. He won rodeos and was even adopted into the Pima Tribe.  His adventurous life is largely unverified (normal for the Old West). In 1907 he published his memoir, The life and Adventures of Nat Love. He died in 1921—perhaps his title should just be the Greatest Cowboy.


Long ago nights

Hayes State Park, southern Michigan: The Wamplers Lake Dance Pavilion was built by the WPA about 1935 and has been torn down. It was once the home to famous Big Bands. This my tribute to it.

Dance Hall, July 1959


Charles Suddeth


Jitter buggers once ruled the dance pavilion,

Glenn Miller played “In the Mood.”


Someone dropped a 45 on the turntable,

Ricky Nelson sang “Lonesome Town.”


Bobby soxers danced barefoot,

We sat on the floor and watched.


Dance with the girls, said my aunt,

I shook my head and hid in the shadows.


Another 45 plopped down,

Buddy Holly sang “That’ll be the Day.”


A man wearing a string tie muttered,

This past winter, Buddy’s plane crashed.


I caught up with the other boys,

We played tag in the warm night.






Snowbird Mountains

The beautiful Snowbird Mountains are centered in Graham County, North Carolina a few miles south of the Smokey Mountains. Even today, they are home to the Snowbird Cherokees. (junco AKA snowbird)

Stone Man and the Trail of Tears: Juvenile Fiction: Soldiers attack 12-year-old Tsatsi’s Cherokee village, his family flees to the Smokys. Facing storms, flood, & hunger, they go where Stone Man, a monstrous giant, is rumored to live. http://www.dancinglemurpressllc.com/new-adultyoung-adultmiddle-grade

Wearing jewelry, feathers in her hair, and a doeskin dress, Pocahontas (Her Mattaponi nickname meaning Tomboy) attends her huskanasquaw, coming of age ceremony. She receives her adult name, Amonute (Butterfly). With her at the head, they parade to the powwow grounds.

She attends her pauwaus—celebrating her ceremony. At a courtship dance, young eligible men stomp dance around a fire. The drumbeat quickens—they dance into the crowd and choose an eligible young woman. Kocoum, Little Chief, chooses Pocahontas—they dance together.

Months later, they wed and have a daughter, Ka-okee, Little-Goose. But that is another story.


In the Zone

On the Banks of Goose Creek


Charles Suddeth


I leaped from rock to rock,

Crossed the creek, penetrated the woods.

Found a picnic basket and a quilt,

Buried under mounds of dead leaves.


Except for a grazing doe,

I had the park to myself.

Who abandoned their meal?

Why would they forsake it?


Did the Rapture leave me behind?

Or did someone simply get lost?

Or had quarreling lovers parted?

Or were picnickers’ bodies nearby?


Maybe ghosts snatched them,

Or a time machine took them,

Or a UFO abducted them,

And I was in the Twilight Zone.




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