The European Space Agency’s Mars Express used radar to locate liquid water below the ice of the Southern Polar Ice Cap. About 12 miles across, the lake is probably a brine of sodium, magnesium, and calcium. Be sure to wear warm clothes and take along a little oxygen.

Meet you there!

Wait a minute—Antarctica has similar lakes with microbial life present! We may soon find life on Mars!

Hey, I think I see a Martian. Will he let me write about him?


Story Inn now owns Story, Indiana, on the backside of Brown County State Park. Except for 2 homes, the other homes are cottages available for travelers, some dating to 1851. If you leave a blue light on, the Blue Lady may appear & leave behind a blue ribbon or the scent of cherry tobacco (her favorite). Some say the ghost of her lover will also appear.

The old general store (once a Studebaker buggy dealership) is a gourmet restaurant with an accompanying bar. Next door is an old mill. Visit them, IF the Blue Lady lets you leave your cottage. Good luck, ye of great courage.

Be careful of stomping on these worms! A Lindworm is a wingless serpentine monster with 2 clawed upper arms, a dragon-like head, and scales. In Britain it is a slithering dragon, and in Scandinavia it is a sea serpent. Handle with care. Better yet, run/swim for your life.

The most famous Lindworm was Fafnir. He was a dwarf who got on the wrong person’s bad side and was changed into a Lindworm. Sigurd slayed him.

(Sorry, I could not find photos, the last is Fafnir)

I am under a druid’s curse! I must write about Lindworms!


Vive la France!

July 14th is Bastille Day, the French National Holiday, La Fete nationale. On this day in 1789, the Bastille (prison fortress) was stormed, over 200 people dying. This is the turning point in the French Revolution.

Poisoned Wedding!

My guest post about the Poisoned Wedding is on Kim Gore’s blog: The Amateur Food Detective. Read it & learn all about Louisville’s most famous wedding!


Charles Thomas Suddeth

Gillenwater mansion, Hamburg Pike, Jeffersonville IN (It was Cementville back then, before being annexed). My grandmother lived here as a child. Her father, Thomas Gillenwaters, died here 1912. He was a Union Civil War veteran. Died from a broken nose/infection—be thankful for antibiotics.

My middle name is Thomas, after him. Maybe that is why I like to write about the Civil War. (sadly, most editors don’t want Civil War books)

I saw the movie Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom today. The critics do not like it. I do not understand critics. It is great movie, with a unique plot. It would be a little intense for small children—perhaps too intense for critics, too.

I have to do a dinosaur novel. It is too, too, too tempting.


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