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Apache medicine woman

Lozen (1840-1889) Chiricahua Apache, a warrior and medicine woman, sometimes called a prophet because she could predict enemy presence. In 1880, she left the Chihuahua camp of her brother, Chief Victorio, to escort a pregnant woman to safety on a US reservation—while she was gone, Mexican troops surrounded the camp, killing almost everyone. The following is a prayer she used to recite while they were fighting for freedom. Ussen is the Supreme God. (I follow with my version, meant to be more poetic than literal)

Upon this earth
On which we live
Ussen has Power
This Power is mine
For locating the enemy.
I search for that Enemy
Which only Ussen the Great
Can show to me

(my tribute)

Upon this earth

Where we dwell

Ussen holds the power

The power I use

To locate the enemy

I hunt the enemy

That only mighty Ussen

Can show me

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Apache Woman Warrior

Dahteste (1860-1955) was born into the Chokonen Band of the Chiricahua Apache. Despite having babies, she went on raids with Cochise, Geronimo, and Lozen, translating English and Spanish for Cochise. She spent about 27 years in confinement. She remarried and lived on the Mescalero Apache Reservation, never again speaking English.

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