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This interior illustration for my YA thriller, Experiment 38, comes from the Art Director at 4RV Publishing, Aidana WillowRaven. Her website is:


Experiment 38


Experiment 38 (young adult thriller, 4RV Publishing, paperback)

Eighteen-year-old Emily lives with her scientist father and knows nothing about her mother. When Emily begins dating Nate, two strange men in a Lincoln Navigator follow them everywhere. After Nate discovers her mother’s identity, the two men kidnap Emily, but her father doesn’t try to save her. Nate’s rescue fails, so she tries to escape on her own.

Her father holds a deadly secret about her past. Are the two men working for her father? Will Nate give up trying to rescue her? Why do the two men want her? Can she escape and ever have a normal life?

experiment sketch - signed


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