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Avast Mateys

Who lives in a pirate ship over the sea?
The old seadog
Who is peg legged and drunk as can be?
The old seadog
Arrgh, must I remind you scalawags that today is Talk Like a Pirate Day? I have sailed the Seven Seas in search of pirate booty. Now it’s me duty to come back to dry land and make sure nobody ignores this fine day. I have thought long and hard for a punishment for them that ignores this day. How about if I sing “Ninety-nine men on a dead man’s chest” to ye over and over again? With or without rum, me voice is nothing to brag about. Ye landlubbers will regret not Talking Like a Pirate. Talk like a pirate while ye still can!
There is fog over the sea and all over me ship. Or has rum addled me brain and fogged me eyes again? I can’t see. I need more rum! I sent a couple of me lads up to the crow’s nest with spyglasses. Curses! The fog has lifted and navy frigates are approaching. Me lads, aim the cannons. Raise the sails high. We’ll sink the ships of war. Then we’ll make ye landlubbers swab the decks.
Somebody fill me tankard with strong rum. Don’t tarry! And find me peg leg. I have lost me tankard again. Keep firing the cannons! Me parrot has flown off and deserted me. Ahh, the likes of me has no use for cowards. Lads, don’t be afraid of those navy ships. Hoist the Jolly Roger to the yardarm and be quick about it! As soon as the navy ships are swimming with the fish, me and me boys will be after anyone who defies Talk Like a Pirate Day!

And so be done with it!
The Old Seadog


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