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Nahuatl/Aztec Poetry

Weep for the thousands of poems the Spanish burned.



Where shall I pick them?

Where do I gather sweet flowers?

How shall I gain that flowery land,

That lush land where bondage is no more,

Neither is their suffering?

If one buys it on earth,

It is only through obeying Huitzilopochtli.

Here on earth, sorrow fills my soul,

As I recall where the singer beheld that flowered place.



Stand, friend of mine,

Excited, bring your flowers to the drum,

Your rancor takes flight,

Dress yourself in them,

Flowers hold high their heads…

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Frangipani Bloom at Night

He marches in Tenochtitlan’s parade,

Villagers shower him with frangipani,

Pink blossoms cling to his long hair,

Their fragrance fondles his nostrils.

When he reaches the pyramid,

The crowd chants and claps.

He climbs the fifty-two steps,

Each strewn with orange marigolds.

On the altar, a maiden awaits,

Her eyes glassy, her lips blistered.

She reminds him of his daughter,

But he offers prayers to the sun.

He lifts his blade above his head,

Its gleaming black obsidian ready.

The knife plunges straight down,

The scent of frangipani rises.

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Aztec Beans

AKA Anasazi Beans. These beans were found in a 1,500-year-old sealed clay pot in a New Mexico cave. They germinated. The speckled white and burgundy beans are similar to pinto beans. Recipe: best soaked overnight and cooked like pintos.


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Conventional wisdom says that in the 17th century Spanish horses escaped, their population exploding on the great plains. Except most of the Spanish horses were geldings, neutered stallions. And horse numbers increased too quickly as mares have one foal at a time.

Some say native horses survived the ice ages to breed with Spanish horses. But why did the Aztecs have no horses? A new theory says that 1000 AD, ponies were abandoned when the Viking deserted North America. They mated with Spanish horses and the Plains Indian culture was born. (Cherokee pony photo)

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Moctezuma II 1466- 1520 was the Aztec emperor defeated by Cortes. End of the story, so I thought. Many of the Spanish nobility are his descendants. The current Mexican constitution does not allow nobility, but he has many Mexican descendants. Don’t be surprised if Montezuma gets elected President of Mexico. Tlazohcamati (Aztec/Nahuatl for thank you)

Portrait of Montezuma II (Moctezuma) (1466-1520)” European School, (16th century) Palazzo Pitti, Florence (Photo by Leemage/Corbis via Getty Images)

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I am Mictēcacihuātl, Mic-te-ka-si-waatl, Lady of the Dead, the Queen of Mictlan (queen of the underworld). Nowadays, I am known as La Calavera Catrina, Skull Catrina. [Chuck’s warning: frangipani flowers can be poisonous]


Frangipani Fright


I am coming for you, perhaps this very night.

I might just swallow you whole, take you to Mictlan.

Perhaps I will just pluck your heart out on a pyramid,

Cast your corpse into a field of orange marigolds.

Or I could boil you in a pot of chilies,

Place you in an Aztec taco.

Don’t sleep tonight,

I like to look my victims in the eye.


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