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Epic battle

The Battle of the River Raisin (Frenchtown) was fought January 18-23, 1813, Frenchtown Michigan. 1000 Kentuckians and French settlers fought a British Army of 800 Indians (Shawnee, Pottawatomie, Delaware, Sauk/Fox, Ottawa, Ojibwe, Creek, Miami, Winnebago) plus 600 British and Canadian troops. Caught in the open, the untrained Americans wilted under cannon fire. 33 American escaped, half dying, half taken prisoner. British/allies lost a small number. 9 Kentucky counties were named for officers—8 deaths, 1 survivor.

I grew up 10 miles north of this. The site is now River Raisin National Battlefield Park.

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Battle of Dove Creek

Took place on January 8, 1865 at Dove Creek, SW Texas. 325 Confederate Cavalry attacked by mistake a camp of 500 (including women and children) Kickapoo Indians on their way to Mexico. It was during a blizzard, the Kickapoo weren’t expecting an attack. The Kickapoo defeated, routed the Rebels! 14 Kickapoo killed/+40 Rebels. In retaliation, the Mexican Kickapoo raided Texas for 40 years.

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