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Mystery solved! With the help Facebook friends, I believe I have a solution for Kop, the red used to color Beothuk skin red. Bloodroot grows as far north as Nova Scotia, and the root was used as a red dye. It is mixed with red ocher, a mordant (mordants combine with dyes to make them permanent). It not only dyes the skin red, the mixture is an insect repellant. [bloodroot without a mordant is toxic]

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Beothuk Enigma

Mysterious Beothuk lived on the island of Newfoundland, Canada. Disease, starvation, and violent encounters with whites led to their demise. The last known Beothuk died in 1829. Recent research suggests some Beothuk escaped and lived with the nearby Mi’kmaq Indians. DNA evidence suggests that they were in North America before the Indians.

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