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This is a still from a February 2015 webcam in Yellowstone National Park. YouTube has the footage. Intriguing, maybe Bigfoot exists. Now we know what happened to the once huge buffalo herds.   

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At 6,500 acres (10 sq. miles), Jefferson Memorial Forest is the largest urban forest in  the country. It is located a few miles south of Louisville near Fairdale Kentucky in the Kentucky Knobs Region. Among its many attractions are bear sightings and–drum roll–Bigfoot sightings (no photos available!). Don’t hike alone.

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Shocking Discovery!

An alert Census Taker discovered a family of Bigfoot living in suburban Louisville, Saltlick Road area. Census administrators will determine if the Bigfoot family can be counted. Local officials are discussing the feasibility of serving the family with an eviction notice—the property belongs to the government because of back taxes. Police recommend that sightseers stay away for safety reasons.

[Editor’s note: It is April 1st, and Mr. Suddeth has consumed far too much caffeine]

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Mammoth Cave National Park: Early Sunday morning, 2 campers were awakened by gunshots. 2 armed men had fired at a Bigfoot sneaking up on the campers. Below ground, the park is a spelunker’s paradise, but above ground it is a backpacker’s paradise. This is but the latest of numerous Bigfoot sightings at the park. Be not afraid, Bigfoot are probably harmless. Probably is the keyword.

Now, I understand what Bigfoot are. They are Cavemen. Literally. They hide by day and come out at night. Kentucky is full of caves. Sauerkraut Cave is a half-mile from house. Sleep well. If you hear high-pitched screams, make sure your night lock is on.

The Bigfoot photo is from the park.


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The Pope Lick Monster is a half-man, half-goat creature reputed to haunt the high railroad trestle that spans Pope Lick Creek near Fisherville, Kentucky, 15 or so miles from Louisville. (note: many people have died on the trestle, including May 26, 2019) There are reports going back to before World War Two about this monster, which was before Bigfoot sightings were recorded for this area.

In recent years, the Kentucky Bigfoot Research Association has numerous reports of bigfoot in the Fisherville area. Some people describe a Bigfoot with mange—possibly leading to early sightings referring to it as the Pope Lick Monster. All the deaths attributed to the Pope Lick Monster are a result of being on a railroad track with a train coming. The most serious confrontation with the Pope Lick Monster has been throwing stones at Boy Scouts. No local reports of Bigfoot concern violence.

Truth or fiction? I wouldn’t bet on either. You can bet on me writing about it.



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