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Chunkey was THE game back in Mound Builder times. Players hurl hickory spears with wooden points at a rolling 6-inch stone chunkey disc. The players whose spear lands closest to where the disc stops gets 1 point, 2 points if touching the disc. Chunkey fields are about 100 feet long.

The Cherokees in my novel, Stone Man and the Trail of Tears, played this game.

300px-Catlin_Tchung-kee,_a_Mandan_Game_Played_with_a_Ring_and_Pole_01Chunkychunkey 4Cherokee Indian Chunkey Game Disk Stone


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Glory of a Writer

Today, I am visiting with Author Beverly Stowe McClure’s blog: The Glory of a Writer. She blogs about books for children and teens. Today I tell readers Where the story idea for Stone Man and the Trail of Tears came from. I even discuss the days I camped at a Kentucky State Park, only to find out years later it was a camping spot on the Trail of Tears. Please visit her blog—you won’t be sorry!


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MMGM Today

Today on my blog tour: MMGM—Marvelous Middle Grade Monday

Author June McCrary Jacobs’s blog is about all manner of middle grade books (ages 8 to 12 or so). Today, she interviews me in a unique way. AND she has a GIVEAWAY of Stone Man and the Trail of Tears. Details at the bottom of her post—US residents only.



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Blogging From Mars

Today I am with sci fi and fantasy author Damien Larkin from Dublin, Ireland. His blog: Mars Occupation Force – Press Office: He often features writer interviews. Today I am discussing The Choctaw, the Cherokee’s friends and neighbors. Please join us, maybe even learn a thing or two and have some fun. (I also discuss Stone Man and the Trail of Tears, which will be released October 8)


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Bookworm for Kids

Join me as I discuss my writing on Bookworm for Kids: Reviews for children books – from toddlers to teens and everything in between. Author Tonja Drecker’s award-winning book blog has 1,300 followers. I encourage you to follow her blog. Today, she interviews me and reviews Stone Man and the Trail of Tears, which will be released October 8.

Have fun reading her blog: https://bookwormforkids.blogspot.com/


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New Writing Blog

Shannon Stocker is a Louisville writer with a unique style and has had a unique life. She has just started blogging. and writes in several genres. Please give her a visit!



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Today Monday, October 19, I am guest author on Penny Lockwood Ehrenkranz’s blog: One Writer’s Journey. We are discussing my mystery, Eighth Mask: Murder on the Cherokee Reservation. Comments very welcome but not necessary.


Eights Mask2

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