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Chunkey was THE game back in Mound Builder times. Players hurl hickory spears with wooden points at a rolling 6-inch stone chunkey disc. The players whose spear lands closest to where the disc stops gets 1 point, 2 points if touching the disc. Chunkey fields are about 100 feet long.

The Cherokees in my novel, Stone Man and the Trail of Tears, played this game.

300px-Catlin_Tchung-kee,_a_Mandan_Game_Played_with_a_Ring_and_Pole_01Chunkychunkey 4Cherokee Indian Chunkey Game Disk Stone


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Glory of a Writer

Today, I am visiting with Author Beverly Stowe McClure’s blog: The Glory of a Writer. She blogs about books for children and teens. Today I tell readers Where the story idea for Stone Man and the Trail of Tears came from. I even discuss the days I camped at a Kentucky State Park, only to find out years later it was a camping spot on the Trail of Tears. Please visit her blog—you won’t be sorry!


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MMGM Today

Today on my blog tour: MMGM—Marvelous Middle Grade Monday

Author June McCrary Jacobs’s blog is about all manner of middle grade books (ages 8 to 12 or so). Today, she interviews me in a unique way. AND she has a GIVEAWAY of Stone Man and the Trail of Tears. Details at the bottom of her post—US residents only.



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Blogging From Mars

Today I am with sci fi and fantasy author Damien Larkin from Dublin, Ireland. His blog: Mars Occupation Force – Press Office: He often features writer interviews. Today I am discussing The Choctaw, the Cherokee’s friends and neighbors. Please join us, maybe even learn a thing or two and have some fun. (I also discuss Stone Man and the Trail of Tears, which will be released October 8)


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Bookworm for Kids

Join me as I discuss my writing on Bookworm for Kids: Reviews for children books – from toddlers to teens and everything in between. Author Tonja Drecker’s award-winning book blog has 1,300 followers. I encourage you to follow her blog. Today, she interviews me and reviews Stone Man and the Trail of Tears, which will be released October 8.

Have fun reading her blog: https://bookwormforkids.blogspot.com/


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New Writing Blog

Shannon Stocker is a Louisville writer with a unique style and has had a unique life. She has just started blogging. and writes in several genres. Please give her a visit!



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Today Monday, October 19, I am guest author on Penny Lockwood Ehrenkranz’s blog: One Writer’s Journey. We are discussing my mystery, Eighth Mask: Murder on the Cherokee Reservation. Comments very welcome but not necessary.


Eights Mask2

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Monday, October 19, I will be guest author on Penny Lockwood Ehrenkranz’s blog: One Writer’s Journey. We will discuss my mystery, Eighth Mask: Murder on the Cherokee Reservation.


Eights Mask2

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Stepping into a New Role, Stories from Stepmoms

Shawn Simon

After moving in with my husband and his children, my goal was to be the best stepmom ever. I never wanted to hear, “You’re not my mom! You can’t tell me what to do!” So, I started asking friends for advice, and I logged online to find step-parenting advice books. I only found self-help books, and I prefer reading people’s stories. But, being desperate, I decided I’d buy a few.

My husband found me upstairs and asked what I was doing. I told him I was buying books to help me as a stepmom. He looked at the computer and my “shopping cart” and exclaimed, “You need six books?” I argued, “Well, I want to be the best stepmom I can be!” He said he understood, but suggested starting with two.

Later, a friend and fellow stepmom told me of a book about a stepmom’s journey, by Sally Bjornson. One part especially resonated and became a catalyst for writing my book. To paraphrase, she said, “When a woman gets married, she is given a wedding shower, and when she gets pregnant, she is given a baby shower; when she marries a man with kids, she is given a bottle of wine and told, ‘Good luck!’” This is so true. No one tells you what you are in for. No one has sage, helpful advice. In fact, no one really talks about this mysterious role of stepmom. This is odd to me as more than half of all families are “blended”. The traditional family barely exists anymore, yet the topic of step-parenting is taboo.

Over my ten years as a stepmom, I have gathered stories of my experiences, and each week at the nail salon, I would share a story. One day, my manicurist said, “You should write a book. You tell great stories.” At lunch with a friend, I shared a story about my stepdaughter, and she said, “You should write a book. I think your experiences would be inspirational.” On another occasion, a stepmom friend and I were at lunch sharing our trying experiences, when she said that I should write a book including other stepmoms’ experiences as well as my own. Well, my belief is that when we hear something several times, there must be something to it. So, I decided to write a book.

Those moments led me to this point, with a book that is a compilation of stories from real life stepmoms’ adventures. It has been a therapeutic experience, hearing these women tell their stories. Hearing their stories was akin to being in a stepmom support group.

My goal is to eradicate the idea of the “evil stepmother”. That fairytale is ridiculously old, yet, sadly, nothing has come along to replace it, even though there are thousands of blended families. Nancy Recker, from an article in stepmommag.com. points out, in her fact sheet on the wicked stepmother myth, that there are more than 900 such stories touting negative step-mother stereotypes. I am not an “evil stepmom”. I love my step-kids. It took time, of course, but over the years that love has grown. My hope is that my book of real stories from real stepmoms will lessen the fear of this taboo subject and will start us all talking about the struggles and successes of stepmoms everywhere.

My book, Stepping into a New Role, Stories from Stepmoms, is scheduled for release early 2016 from 4RV Publishing. In the meantime, I am blogging and posting weekly. Please visit my blog at stepmomshawn.com and my Facebook page: Stepmom Shawn Simon Says.


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Today, I am guest blogging on Donna Driver’s blog, Write & Rewrite , with a Father’s day excerpt from my YA thriller, Experiment 38. Join us.


YA thriller, publication TBA

YA thriller, publication TBA

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