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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Charles Suddeth

Gazing into a mirror in a dimly lit room while chanting “Bloody Mary” will cause her to appear. Fair warning.

Bloody Mary, please come to me,

Allow me your face to see.

For when you really do appear,

I shall not show a shadow of fear.

Bloody Mary, just what will you do?

To one such as me who keeps so true?

I shall stand my ground and never flee,

Demon woman, I shall vanquish thee.

Bloody Mary, to you I issue this dare,

Appear and I shall hurl you to your lair.

I shall laugh right in your awful face,

For I have the guts to stay with this race.

No, no go back, go—

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Bloody Mary Dare

Recently I was subbing a class of 2nd-graders. One girl became hysterical when a boy told her Bloody Mary would visit her. The current legend (with many variations) is that you peer into a darkened-mirror & say “Bloody Mary” 3 times. She appears & your butt is hers. (sometimes she can be benign but that isn’t any fun)

Folklorists claim that this is a descendant of mirror-divination. It is popular for sleepovers & it terrifies kids. I would like to do a book about this, if I can detoxify the story & add humor.

My dare to you: Go into a dark room, stare into the mirror, and repeat her name 3 times.

Only if you dare!

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