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My adult mystery, Eighth Mask, will be released Friday June 12 by Library Tales Publishing, book signing at the B&N Hurstbourne Lane, Louisville, Kentucky that weekend (I don’t know the time yet).

Deputy Sheriff Charlie Yuchalla and North Carolina health inspector Alcy Ward investigate the death of a masked dancer at a Cherokee dance. After someone kills a second dancer, the Four Sisters Society accuses Charlie of murder. Alcy takes over the investigation when Charlie’s best friend, Detective Jim Yellowbear, turns against him. Charlie and Alcy plunge into a world believing in supernatural giants and in an ancient order of priests once ruling the seven Cherokee clans with an iron fist.

Can they find the killer before Charlie is charged with murder? Can they discover who wore the Eighth Mask? Can Charlie and Alcy solve the case before the five surviving dancers die? Is the murderer connected to the Four Sisters Society? Will Charlie restore his life and reputation? Or is Charlie the murderer’s real target?

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