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Late Dia de Muertos

My version of a Calaveras, Skull poem.

Fiddlin’ John

Fiddlin’ John challenged him to a do-or-die duel,

Winner takes all, murmured the dark-eyed stranger.


Fiddlin’ John picked up his worn, trusty fiddle,

Then I shall soon own you fiddle and all.


The stranger held up a shiny red fiddle,

You play first, I shall be last.


A barmaid winced and offered Fiddlin John a drink,

He knocked it out of her hand and drew back his bow.


His fiddle gushed out with toe-tapping melodies.

He waited for the stranger to plead for mercy.


The stranger stood tall, horns on his head,

Hooves on his feet, as he took up a jeweled bow.


Tunes as dark as a mine shot out of the fiddle,

The door blew open, and the walls glowed red.


Fiddlin’ John searched for a back door,

I win your soul! Boomed the stranger.


The floor opened up into a fiery pit,

Down went Fiddlin’ John, fiddle and all.


Listen close this Halloween night,

The wind whispers hellish melodies.


Fiddlin’ John fiddles again this night.


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