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Oh Canada!

Today, July 1, is Canada Day, commemorating creation of Canada 1867. Salute!

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Canadian Christmas

Huron Carol

Written 1642 by Frenchman Jean de Brebeuf in Ontario, making it Canada’s oldest Christmas carol. It was written in the Huron/Wyandotte language though the current English version is different.

Jesous Ahatonhia “Jesus, he is born

Estenniayon de tsonwe Iesous ahatonnia
onn’ awatewa nd’ oki n’ onyouandaskwaentak
ennonchien eskwatrihotat n’onyouandiyonrachatha
Iesous ahatonnia, ahatonnia. Iesous ahatonnia.

Ayoki onkiennhache eronhiayeronnon
iontonk ontatiande ndio sen tsatonnharonnion
Warie onn’ awakweton ndio sen tsatonnharonnion
Iesous ahatonnia, ahatonnia. Iesous ahatonnia.

Achienhkontahonraskwa d’ hatirihwannens
tichion sayonniondetha onhwa achia ahatren
ondaie te hahahakwa tichion sayonniondetha
Iesous ahatonnia, ahatonnia. Iesous ahatonnia.

Tho ichien st’ ahation tethotondi Iesous
ahwatatende tichion stanchitehawennion
asayontorenten ihatonk atsion sken
Iesous ahatonnia, ahatonnia. Iesous ahatonnia.

Onne ontahation chiahonayen iesous
ahatichiennonniannon kahachia handiayon
te honannonronkwannion ihotonk werisen
Iesous ahatonnia, ahatonnia. I

esous ahatonnia.

Te hekwatatennonten ahekwachiendaen
ti hekwannonronkwannion de sonywentenrände
outoyeti skwannonhwe icherhe akennonhonstha
Iesous ahatonnia, ahatonnia. Iesous ahatonnia.

Have courage, you who are humans. Jesus, He is born.
Behold, it has fled, the spirit who had us as prisoner.
Do not listen to it, as it corrupts our minds, the spirit of our thoughts.
They are spirits, coming with a message for us, the sky people.
They are coming to say, ‘Come on, be on top of life, rejoice!’
‘Mary has just given birth, come on, rejoice.’
‘Three have left for such a place; they are men of great matter.’

‘A star that has just appeared over the horizon leads them there.’
‘He will seize the path, a star that leads them there.’
As they arrived there, where He was born, Jesus.
The star was at the point of stopping, He was not far past it.
Having found someone for them, He says, ‘Come here.’
Behold, they have arrived there and have seen Jesus.
They praised a name many times saying,
‘Hurray, He is good in nature.’
They greeted Him with respect,
Oiling His scalp many times, saying, ‘Hurray!’
‘We will give to Him honour to His name.’
‘Let us oil His scalp many times, show reverence for Him,
As He comes to be compassionate with us.’
It is providential that you love us, and think
‘I should make them part of My family.’

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Oh Canada!

Oh Canada!

July 1 is Canada Day AKA Fête du Canada. July1, 1867, Canada became independent. I used to live 5 miles from Canada, and I always loved Canadians! [I am nevertheless sympathetic to indigenous concerns] English, French, Cree

O Canada! Our home and native land!
True patriot love in all of us command,

Car ton bras sait porter l’épée,
Il sait porter la croix!

ka kanata.

nikinan nitaskinan.

sahkihitowin. kicawasimisak

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French Canada lives on

Saint Pierre and Miquelon are a group of French islands 16 miles off the Newfoundland coast. With 93 square miles and 6,000 population, they are no threat to Canada. Their history is convoluted, but they remain part of France, though at one point, they considered joining the USA, not  Canada.

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Oh Canada

July 1 is Canada Day. On this day in 1867, Canada first united. I used to live 5 miles from Canada. I love Canada and Canadians.

O Canada!
Our home and native land
True patriot love
In all our sons command
O Canada!
Terre de nos aïeux
Ton front est ceint
De fleurons glorieux
O Canada, O maa en-ji-ba-yang 
Niin-da-kiim-naang ge-tchi pii-ten-da-gwak

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O Canada!

To my Canadian  friends: Happy 152nd birthday! Canada Day, July 1, 2019.

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