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Crosley Motors was in business from 1939 to 1952. Produced in Marion Indiana, they were ahead of their time: subcompacts, SUVs, 4-weel disc brakes, overhead cams. I recall them because hot rod/drag racing people liked to use the bodies.

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Tucker 48 AKA Tucker Torpedo. Preston Tucker produced 51 cars in 1948 before going out of business due to bankruptcy. He blamed the Big 3 automakers for sabotaging his cars that were years ahead of their time; rear engines, roll bars, 4 wheel independent suspension. I got to see one in the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn Michigan.

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Why men never win!

In 1991 Suzanne, my wife, ordered me to buy a new car (my car was for trips, her rules). She warned me not get a red car—cops loved to pull them over. I went to the dealer and saw a new, dark red Escort. God help me—I bought it.

Expecting to have my ears burned, I drove the car home. She stared at it and said, “Give me the keys.” She drove it around the block and handed me her car keys, “I’m keeping this car.”

I wanted to remind her it was red but knew better. She drove automatics, but this was a 5-speed. And it had racing stripes and fake air foil—things she hated.

The next day, we went back to the dealer and bought me a new car. Boring blue but one happy salesman.

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Experiment 38 (young adult thriller, 4RV Publishing, paperback) will be released this summer.

Eighteen-year-old Emily lives with her scientist father and knows nothing about her mother. When Emily begins dating Nate, two strange men in a Lincoln Navigator follow them everywhere. After Nate discovers her mother’s identity, the two men kidnap Emily, but her father doesn’t try to save her. Nate’s rescue fails, so she tries to escape on her own.

Her father holds a deadly secret about her past. Are the two men working for her father? Will Nate give up trying to rescue her? Why do the two men want her? Can she escape and ever have a normal life?

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