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You won’t come home from Eleven Jones Cave! As the story goes, about 200 years ago the 11 Jones brothers were bank robbers and hid their loot in 11 rooms which have been closed off/hidden. Whoever finds it is rich! The more likely but less fun reason for its name is early local residents, Levin Powell and John Jones. (Other legends mention a Civil War hideout and 7 more entrances that are hidden or currently unknown)

The cave is located off Beargrass Creek, behind Louisville’s St. Xavier High School off Poplar Level Road. [Warning: high carbon dioxide concentration, only for experienced, equipped cavers]

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It’s spelunking time!

Diamond Caverns, Park City, Kentucky. No diamonds, calcium mistaken for jewels. Once used for cave weddings. Stalactite formation named Cave Bacon. Photos taken by Ethan Suddeth, October 9, 2021.

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