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I have heard people complain of nothing to do during this COVID-19 outbreak. A few years ago, on a sunny afternoon, I asked my wife, Suzanne, what she wanted to do. She said: Sit on the couch with me. We sat arm-in-arm with no TV, conversation, snuggling, radio, kids, or any other distraction—two souls merging. I consider it the high point of my marriage. A year or so later, she was terminally ill. Couples: be together while you can.

[photo of Suzanne Fisher as a baby, Russell, Kentucky]

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You’ve read about Chicken Soup for the Soul. I’d like to start my own series, Chili for the Soul. Perhaps, Chili for the Spirit. Let’s make things hot and spicy, not necessarily adult, just getting the adrenaline going and mind blowing. Any agents and editors interested in a new series?




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