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When my wife was alive, I used to cook chili.

Chuck’s Headley Hill Chili

1 pound ground chuck, 1 pound Old Folk’s smoked sausage

Beans—of course

Tomatoes—of course

Onions—of course

Chili powder but NO cumin—other spices when the whim hits

Cornmeal for thickening

Bourbon—just a dab, this is Kentucky

Spaghetti—no, though this makes me a Louisville outcast

Of course, serve with cornbread


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You’ve read about Chicken Soup for the Soul. I’d like to start my own series, Chili for the Soul. Perhaps, Chili for the Spirit. Let’s make things hot and spicy, not necessarily adult, just getting the adrenaline going and mind blowing. Any agents and editors interested in a new series?




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