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Magic Christmas

Magic Christmas

December 21, 1999, I had emergency stomach/hiatus hernia surgery, Norton Hospital downtown Louisville. I was on an ice diet—no water or food. (Hunger goes away, not thirst)

Christmas Eve I was alone, in pain. Dietary rolled in a Xmas dinner—turkey, dressing, sides, desserts, enough for 3 people. I didn’t want to get in even more pain, but the food looked so good. I called a nurse; she rolled it away.

I was alone and blue when kids came to the door of my room and sang Xmas carols. I cried, never did learn who they were but God bless them.

Christmas morning, I had no Xmas spirit. In walked my family: wife, 2 sons, 2 stepsons, 2 daughters-in-law, granddaughter (may have been others). I didn’t get Christmas dinner, but I opened presents, the best Xmas ever. (Surprised the nurses didn’t complain)

The memories are bittersweet: My wife developed cognitive problems; this this was the last Xmas with her fully aware.

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Cherokee Christmas

Long ago in the south, fireworks were the norm for Xmas, Cherokees, too.

Merry Christmas: Ulihelisdi danistayohihv ᎤᎵᎮᎵᏍᏗ ᏓᏂᏍᏔᏲᎯᎲ (they are happy/thankful they go shooting—as in firecrackers)

Santa claus: Distayohi ᏗᏍᏔᏲᎯ (he shoots- as in firecrackers, AKA firecracker man) He gives good children gifts: aneha didanedi nigada diniyotli osda ᎠᏁᎭ ᏗᏓᏁᏗ ᏂᎦᏓ ᏗᏂᏲᏟ ᎣᏍᏓ (he-gives gifts children good)

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Lumbee Christmas

The Lumbee Tribe of southeastern North Carolina has 55,000+ members. They have an annual Winter Solstice Drive through and march in the Raleigh Christmas Parade. (my triple great grandfather, John Pate, is from Lumbee territory)

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Ancient Yule

Yes, me lovelies, tonight tis Long Night, Yule the ancients called it (Winter Solstice, December 21). In times past we’d burn Yule logs and sacrifice pigs, cattle, sheep, even horses in the hopes to bring the sun back, hoping the Horned God comes back—Cernuous, Thor, Odin even. Nowadays we sacrifice cakes, toast with mead.

In the heart of this night lies a dark tradition.

The Wild Hunt—the Horned God leads a might host through the skies, gathering souls that died during the year. Say your goodbyes this night.

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Christmas with the Yuchi

Yuchi Christmas!

Hi—sahngalA (sahngahlay)

Christmas Day—yôshê@nE agafa (yohshenanee ahgahfah)

Thank you—akAlA (akaylay)

Goodbye—sale k’adita (saleh k’deetah)

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Pixies are similar to fairies, but smaller. Pixies can be involved with homes.barns and ancient stone forts, leaving fairy rings where they dance. They inhabit the moors of Cornwall/Devon and New Forest England, especially Dartmoor. Do not refer to them as elves, they can be mischievous. [my 8th great-grandmother Marie Southwood Sudduth born about 1620 in Exeter, Devon but I claim no Pixie blood]

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Elves of a different sort. In Denmark, Norway Nisse “dear little relative” reside in houses and barns, similar to Swedish Tomte “homestead man.” Some liken them to goblin, brownie, gnome.

While they can be guardians, they have quick tempers.

The Danish associate them with elves and on the Winter Solstice and Christmas Eve (accompanied by the Yule Goat), they leave Nisse bowls of rise, rice pudding.

[Lady Godiva’s husband, Leofric Earl of Mercia, was Danish and my ancestor, hence my interest in Danish culture.]

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If you’ve been naughty

Twisted Christmas

Tonight (December 5) is Krampusnacht, when Santa’s alter ego appears. (some say he is Odin or Oller) If you’ve been bad, woe is you.

He’s hairy, beard down to his waist,

With billy goat’s horns and cloven hooves.

His forked tongue pokes through wolf fangs,

Nonother than Hillbilly Krampus.

He drags long chains, flicks his whip,

Clangs a devilish dingy dinner bell,

Packs a burlap poke over his back,

Fills it with bad little boys and girls.

He drives a rickety old wagon,

Pulled by eight ornery mules,

All splay-footed and flop-eared,

Braying and bawling and belching.

He has hellish little helpers,

Trolls and ogres and gnomes,

If you see any of them coming,

You best run for your life.

If you’re a good little boy or girl,

You have nothing at all to fear.

If you’ve been naughty or bad,

Saint Nick will never find you.

Krampus is meaner than a moonshiner,

The lucky ones, he drowns in creeks,

Still others get grilled and barbecued,

The unlucky ones get hauled off to Hell.

I absolutely believe in Santa Claus,

Always have, and always will.

Now of Krampus I have many doubts,

But I’m not taking any chances.

St. Nick, I’ve been good. Oh so very, very good.

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Mrs. Claus?

Skathi or Skadi was a giantess whose name means shade or harm. She had 3 husbands: first Njorthr, sea god. Second Wotan/Odin, head god. Third Oller/Uller Glory, God of winter. Both Wotan and Oller are candidates for the real Santa Claus.

Skathi and Oller? I love the symbolism of shade/harm married to glory.

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The real Santa

Oller or Uller was ancient Germanic god whose name means Glory. He ruled as King during the winter, displacing Woden or Odin whose name means Rage (ecstasy in the positive sense). He was married to Skathi, Shadow. He may be Woden in an alternative sense as rage/glory being opposing states. More to the current season, Oller may be the original Santa Claus. Ho ho ho.

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