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Three ghost colonies

The Colony of Transylvania existed from 1775 to 1778 when the Virginia General Assembly declared the colony’s charter void. Its borders were land between the Ohio, Kentucky, and Cumberland Rivers—central Kentucky and a small portion of north central Tennessee. The capital was Fort Boonesborough.

The State of Franklin (AKA Lesser Franklin) existed from 1785 to 1791. It only ended after much legal wrangling and one small battle. Though it started after the Revolution, it existed under the Articles of Confederation. It was located in north-eastern Tennessee. The first of three capitals was Jonesborough.

East Florida and West Florida were British colonies that remained loyal to the British during the Revolution. They included lands in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Capitals were in Pensacola for West Florida and St. Augustine for East Florida.

Though there are no real ghosts, I can see possibilities for writers, especially for alternative histories. Transylvania University in Lexington Kentucky bears one name. Are there other ghost names out there?

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