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Though born in the Lucayan Islands (Bahamas), Caonabo was Taino Cacique of Maguana on Hispaniola. In 1494, he conquered a fort, La Navidad. The Spanish returned and captured him. His brother, Manicatex, tried to rescue him but was also captured. Caonabo died of illness at sea.

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Columbine Mystery

October 12, 1492, Columbus landed where? No one knows for sure. Most believe he landed in the Bahamas on San Salvador AKA Watling Island. The native Lucayans called the island Guanahani, sweet and gentle, but the Spanish killed them all. Guanahani may be one of several islands. Nearby Cat Island is one of many candidates. [Cat island last]

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In 1492, Columbus met the Taino (Arawak tribe), and he did his best to destroy them. Columbus failed. Taino groups are all over the Caribbean. Today, 200,000 Garifuna people live in Central America. They are a mixture of Taino, Carib Indians, and African blacks—the base of their language is Taino. [Garifuna in bright colots]

Some Garifuna words:

Buiti binafi hello (good day)

Seremein thanks

Ayó Dai haruga (until tomorrow)


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Pre-Columbian Horses

Conventional history says that Columbus brought horses to the New World. New research suggests that horse were already here. It does seem odd that about 1650 Spanish horses got loose/were stolen and horse populations exploded. More likely the Old World and New World horse mixed together.


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Downtown Columbus , Indiana. I climbed this tower, it is a rougher climb than my photo suggests. Great downtown park.

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