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(pan de casabe AKA manioc or yuca)

It is cooked on a flat clay plate over a fire (or frying pan). Pound peeled cassava root. Grate, filter liquid out, salt to taste. Spread mixture on ungreased pan until it is flat as a pancake. Cook 15 minutes, serve warm. (Dominican cassava bread—add oil and garlic, very thin bread) [warning: raw cassava is poisonous]


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Today (7/20/14), I am live on the Musa blog http://musapublishing.blogspot.com/. I am discussing Neanderthal Cuisine at Its Finest in conjunction with my book, Neanderthal Protocol, thriller, Musa Publishing, eBook. Join me and learn how people ate long ago. Comments welcome, but not necessary.

Neanderthal Protocol (adult thriller, Musa Publishing, eBook)
After cold-fusion physicist Greg Anderson’s DNA test marks him as a Neanderthal, he is forced to live like an animal. Rachel helps him search for the organization trying to destroy him.
PDF, ePUB (Nook, iPad, Android), PRC (Kindle), Mobi


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