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When’s supper?

Chuck-wagons 1st appeared out west in the 1860s. Chuck was slang for food, as in chuck steak. Cowhands ate simply but well—bacon, beans, biscuits, stew and so on. (I always pictured cowboys on the trail cooking around a campfire) Thanks to Renee’ La Viness for reminding me about chuck-wagons!

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Street creds

I often write about cowboys, and most of my books include horses though people are skeptical of my equine expertise. The 1st photo proves I am a real cowboy. The 2nd photo is a mug shot taken by the town marshal. After a long cattle drive, the boys and I got a little feisty. (notice even my shirt has a horse motif)

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Deadwood Dick AKA Red River Dick AKA Nat Love was born a slave in 1854 on a Tennessee plantation. After the war, he moved to Dodge City and became a cowboy. He won rodeos and was even adopted into the Pima Tribe.  His adventurous life is largely unverified (normal for the Old West). In 1907 he published his memoir, The life and Adventures of Nat Love. He died in 1921—perhaps his title should just be the Greatest Cowboy.


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This photo (rescued by my sister Angela Gruenwald) is me at age 8. I thought I was Doc Holiday, legendary gunfighter. I still like horses and cowboys and adventure. Nowadays I just write about it. I sneak horses into most of my books, though Doc Holiday has not made an appearance in my books. Okay, I admit it–I still think I’m Doc Holiday.

Happy trails to you.

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