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New World’s First Hero

In 1511, Hatuey, a Taino chief, fled Hispaniola, with 400 warriors to warn the Cuban Taino of the Spanish invaders. They ignored Hatuey, but his group besieged the Spanish fort at Baracoa, Cuba. He was captured and burned alive in 1512 in Yara, Cuba. His efforts were not in vain, even today, Baracoa is a center of Taino culture.

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Baracoenes cuisine #2

Chorote comes from Baracoa, the Taino capital in eastern Cuba’s mountains, also Cuba’s cacao producing region. Grate a handmade cocoa ball from Baracoa. Mix with coconut milk (or cow or goat). Add wheat/cassava/corn banana flour. Flavor with cinnamon, allspice, cloves or castilla (rosebuds). Add sugar if needed. Serve hot or cold, though hot is preferred.

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Cuba’s past lives on

In the mountains of eastern Cuba, thousands of Taino Indians live, retaining much of their ancient culture. The city of Baracoa is the center of Cuban Taino culture. (baracoense cuisine pictured)

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