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Long ago nights

Hayes State Park, southern Michigan: The Wamplers Lake Dance Pavilion was built by the WPA about 1935 and has been torn down. It was once the home to famous Big Bands. This my tribute to it.

Dance Hall, July 1959


Charles Suddeth


Jitter buggers once ruled the dance pavilion,

Glenn Miller played “In the Mood.”


Someone dropped a 45 on the turntable,

Ricky Nelson sang “Lonesome Town.”


Bobby soxers danced barefoot,

We sat on the floor and watched.


Dance with the girls, said my aunt,

I shook my head and hid in the shadows.


Another 45 plopped down,

Buddy Holly sang “That’ll be the Day.”


A man wearing a string tie muttered,

This past winter, Buddy’s plane crashed.


I caught up with the other boys,

We played tag in the warm night.






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