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Desoto’s Defeat

Battle of Chicasa (today’s Chickasaw): in December 1540, the Desoto Expedition wintered in an abandoned Chickasaw village (eastern Mississippi). March 1541 Desoto demanded 200 Chickasaw slaves. March 8, in the dark, the Chickasaw attacked, killing or wounding up to a 100 Spaniards, most of their horses, and all of their supplies. Desoto fled, never to return.

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Desoto’s army landed in the southeastern USA in 1541. Some people believe he went north first, passing through Kentucky and crossing the Ohio River near Evansville, Indiana in search of the Pacific Ocean. His scouts journeyed to Lake Michigan but realized it was not the Pacific (Lake Michigan is not saltwater, so it is not ocean). Desoto then veered west. He killed and fought for gold, too. He found neither ocean nor gold, but he did find his own death.


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