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Devil’s Backbone overlooks the Ohio River and Fourteen Mile Creek. (located in Charlestown State Park, Charlestown, Indiana) About 3 miles northeast was Tullytown, a Shawnee settlement centered around a trading post operated by a Meti (French/Shawnee mixed blood) named Charles Tully. Were these the people from Devil’s Backbone? Whites drove the Shawnee out and named it Springville—it is now part of Charlestown.
About 3 miles upriver on the Ohio from Devil’s Backbone is Bull Creek. The Ohio River here used to be fordable on horseback during dry weather. About 1790, a small fort was built to keep Shawnees from crossing the Ohio and raiding Kentucky (Tullytown?). The home pictured is a farmhouse built on the probable site of the fort. I lived here as a baby (our farm went clear to the Ohio). Bull Creek is to the viewer’s right. (also a night photo)
According to local legend (1780?) settlers from Utica, Indiana tried to attack Tullytown. Shawnees ambushed and defeated them at a creek now called Battle Creek. This is about 4 miles downriver from Devil’s Backbone, just upriver from Utica (pictured).

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