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More T-Rex memories

(my mother-in-law’s childhood recollections)

With T-Rex’s long legs, you couldn’t outrun them. The best you could hope for was to hide and be still—their sense of smell was weak. Idiots climbed trees, saved T-Rex the bother of bending over for a meal. They had lousy night vision, so night was safest. We always kept a fire in the mouth of our caves, to ward them off. Later, I’ll tell about the fool who stole a T-Rex egg.

[Editor’s note: Mr. Suddeth hit the coffee too hard]

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Quetzalcoatl—Nahuatl/Aztec for “feathered serpent” is thought to be a dragon myth. Mayans call the feathered serpent Kukulkan. Scientists claim that dinosaurs were feathered. What if feathered dinosaurs survived in remote places until recent centuries? What if the dragon myths are merely memories of feathered dinosaurs?

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The Hoatzin is a bird living in northeast South America. Like dinosaurs, the chicks have 2 claws on each wing. The size of a pheasant, they eat plants—no one is in danger. (I just found out that other birds have winged claws as befitting a dinosaur)

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Charles Suddeth

Terry’s wife waved and said adios, goodbye, so long,

He soon grew lonely, blue, and bored with life alone.

He visited Clones-R-Us and picked out a special pet,

He put a speckled blue watermelon-sized egg in his trunk.

He sat the egg in what should have been the baby’s nursery.

Before long, the egg was rolling, rocking, and reeling.

Soon the egg was cracking, bits of shell splattering the walls,

A baby T-Rex burst out, not the little T-Dilong, he’d ordered.

He called the store, asked to swap the T-Rex for a T-Dilong,

Sorry, but once the egg is hatched, there are no exchanges.

T-Rex saw Terry and uttered, Shmoonch, T-Rex for mom,

No, he yelled, wondering what to feed a T-Rex.

Baby T-Rex ate and ate, eating everything in the house,

Bawling for more, expecting Shmoonch to feed it.

Baby T-Rex outgrew its room, the downstairs, the house,

Soon it was munching on whatever lurked in Terry’s yard.

Baby T-Rex was eating anything that dared move,

Anything except Shmoonch, it loved Mommy.

It outgrew the yard, and dined upon the neighbors,

Terry decided to skedaddle before baby ran out of food.

Screaming hysterically, Terry fled down the street,

But baby T-Rex followed, calling for Shmoonch.

Last we heard, Terry is still fleeing for his life,

Baby T-Rex right on his heels, wanting Mommy.

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Often called flying dinosaurs, pterosaurs are flying reptiles and may have coats of downy-feather fibers. With wingspans of 30 feet, they have few enemies. I use the present tense. Thunderbird? They have been sighted all over the USA and worldwide. Don’t hike alone or in the open.

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Dinosaur DNA found!

Inside the skull cartilage of a 70-million-year-old baby hadrosaur, researchers have found intact DNA. It was once thought impossible for DNA to survive that long. Jurassic Park, here we come! While at the park, please do wear a helmet and mask.

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Before, After, Next

Before: Hypacrosaurus is a North American duckbilled dinosaur that was almost as big as T-rex. After: A few years ago, intact tissue was found inside fossilized bone. Next: Finding an intact genome. Cloning, maybe 10 years.



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Loch Ness Let Down

Researchers from Pictland College, Scotland discovered that Nessie is NOT a prehistoric dinosaur. This will destroy the Scottish tourism industry. Nessie is a garden-variety of English dragon, not at all unusual. (St. George did not slay all the dragons)

[Editor’s note: It is April 1st, and Mr. Suddeth has again slipped Bourbon into his coffee]

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Cherokee Dragon

The Uktena was giant snake/dragon, Some say Cherokees recalled old days when a dinosaur remnant yet lived. Uktena dwelt in deep pools or high mountain passes. If a warrior stared at the crystal in its head, the man’s heart would stop. This drawing is by a genius Cherokee artist, Daniel Eskridge.

The main character of my novel, Stone Man and the Trail of Tears, believed in Uktena.

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Recently, scientists discovered dinosaur fossils with blood and tissue left inside them—once thought to be impossible. They are hoping to extract DNA from red blood cells. (bird and dinosaur RBCs have nuclei—our RBCs lack nuclei) Among the RBC samples is one from a T-Rex. Write about it? You better believe it.





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