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Avian Missing Link!

Recently, a 163-million-year-old therapod dinosaur was discovered in China: Ambopteryx longibrachium. With bat-like wings that would have allowed it to glide. It was about a foot long and weighed less than a pound. It is in a family of scansoriopterygid dinosaurs that are the ancestors of birds. (its wings were membranous rather than feathered)

Lots to write about: a present-day mama-sized Ambopteryx attacks Louisville during the Derby, but the race must go on!



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This is a Troodon, an 11-feet tall, bird-like dinosaur who lived in Montana—yes, before it was Montana. It dined on mammals and is thought to be highly intelligent so it could catch mammals like you and I. If not for the dinosaur-extincting meteor, it would be the dominant species. We would live in cages awaiting hungry Troodons. Now you have something to be thankful for.

Or not. The second pic is what a dinosauroid might look like today. The third pic is Troodon sapiens, a species far more intelligent than mere Homo sapiens. Oh mankind, you are doomed!

Oh yes, I do smell a story.


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