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Dinosaurs are real!

Dinosaurs’ Day is August 2. Read or go to a museum. My personal suggestion—go bird watching—they are certainly dinosaur descendants. (Watch a Jurassic movie). Don’t let this day go without dinosaurs! [hoatzin bird contemporary]

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ROOOAR! The buck opened his jaws and pressed against the paling stakes.

Lord of the Caves Part 4

            Oh-see-rah had tumbled to the ground and rolled on his side toward the fire. He spread his arms and legs until he halted. Springing to his feet, he crouched and gazed at the T-Rex buck, its jaws opened wide enough for a man to walk in. It gnawed on a paling stake on its right side.

Oh-see-rah had to do something before the buck figured out how to slip into the cave. The buck hadn’t eaten fire yet. He’d give it a reason to forget its sore eye. Oh-see-rah stuck a spear into the fire until red-hot flames poured out in all directions. Slamming the spear into the spear thrower, he danced in a circle.

The buck stopped gnawing and stared at Oh-see-rah’s dance. He stopped dancing and leapt forward.

ROOOAAAR! The buck opened his impossibly huge mouth.

Oh-see-rah halted and hurled the spear, flames shooting out in a circle of fire from the spear. He spun around and dropped to the ground, hoping to evade the swinging tail this time.


Clawing at the ground, Oh-see-rah stopped his roll at the edge of the campfire and glanced toward the cave’s mouth. The buck was pivoting, its long tail slinging sideways.

Oh-see-rah clawed at the ground and pulled himself in a circle, his bare toes singeing in the fire. The buck’s tail raked the campfire, scattering embers in all directions.


Ignoring the agony in his toes, Oh-see-rah pulled up into a crouching position. The buck stomped away, its smoking tail quickly vanishing with it. Oh-see-rah hunkered down for few moments. His guess was that both T-Rexes had tromped down to Blackberry Creek to ease their burns, but the creek wasn’t that far.

He rose and checked on his family. Ee-shee-na had already moved the furs and the little ones back, far past Tiger Rock. He joined her and told her what had happened.

She nodded. “I could see and hear most of it. You now have two foes.”

“I hope they’re in so much pain they’ll flee back to their nest. It’ll be dusk soon, so they won’t stay long.” He didn’t have to tell her, but T-Rexes didn’t like the dark, too many cliffs and too many places for other beasts to hide from them.

She shivered. “I don’t want to ever leave this cave.”

“We don’t have much food.” A small spring trickled down and out of the cave so water would not be a problem.

“What can we do?” She asked, the four little ones looking on with wide eyes.

“Let me find out if they’re gone.” He headed toward the cave’s mouth.

“We’ll build a new campfire.” Ee-shee-na began gathering kindling and large sticks.

He found a spear thrower and two flint-tipped spears, strapping them to his bare back. They would do little to slow down an enraged T-Rex, but it was the best he could do.

He reached the mouth and halted. He listened. Only the evening breeze whispering through the trees. He peered out—nothing but an orange haze from the sun trying to flee from the clouds. He sniffed—smoke from his campfire clogged his nostrils.

On hands and knees, he crawled past the paling stakes. The grass and weeds had been flattened and uprooted by the two T-Rexes. A squirrel sounded off far above him in a mighty chestnut tree.

He halted. Squirrels often warned each other about danger. He wished he could understand Squirrel Tongue. He again watched, listened, sniffed. Nothing. Was he being too careful? He smiled. No, not when telling with wily T-Rexes.

Again, he crept forward. The woods looked too dark, but too soon for sundown. Silence overtook the woods—his heart thudding in his ears. He sniffed—a smoky, burned stench. The campfire? He hoped.

He inched forward and halted, his breath going out as he burrowed into the grass.

Staring at him, the doe was only a couple paces away.


Copyright 2021 Charles Suddeth

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Something rammed into Oh-see-rah. Like a winged fowl, he flew through the air.

Lord of the Caves Part 2

            Oh-see-rah opened eyes. His head lay in a maiden’s lap, her soft hair brushing his face, her beauty making his heart race. “So lovely. I must be in the Summerlands.”

She giggled. “Not so. You yet dwell among the living.” Ee-shee-na’s musical voice.

“What happened?”

“You were so very brave. You shot the Terrible Thunderer right in the face.”

“Then how I am I yet alive?” Oh-see-rah’s jaw felt like the T-Rex had smashed it in. Blood droplets splattered his bare arm.

“It bellowed and whirled around. Then its tail whacked you on the head. I thought for sure you were dead.” She placed a compress over his right cheek. “Wet willow leaves will heal you.”

“Where are our offspring?”

“Hiding behind the Tiger. Come, brood of mine. Give brave Papa a hug.”

The four little ones scampered out from behind Tiger Rock and hugged him.

Then he glanced at the cave’s mouth. “One of the paling stakes busted. Oh-lae-yar, fetch me a spare,” he told his eldest son, who had already seen eight winters.

Oh-see-rah pounded the broken stake until it loosened. Then he dug it out of the packed dirt. Oh-lae-yar brought him the spare stake.

He tussled the boy’s fair, curly hair. “Thank you. Now be a look out for Terrible Thunderers.”

The boy squatted between two of the seven paling stakes.

“Keep your eyes high. They are taller than trees and may even block Lord Sun.”

Oh-lae-yar bent his neck back and gazed almost straight up.

Proud of his boy, he hated to spoil his Day Sleep, but the same T-Rex might return. He cupped his hands behind his ears. “Now listen for it tramping through the woods, smashing small trees and any creature foolish enough to get in its way. Listen for the roar it makes as it attacks. Its rumble of fury and death.”

Oh-lay-yar cupped his hands behind his ears, even though the nearby woods were silent save for the occasional cry of winged creatures.

Oh-see-rah stopped working the new stake into the narrow hole and knelt beside his boy. “What do you do if you spy a Terrible Thunderer?”

Oh-lae-yar shrugged.

“What if you hear him, and he’s so close your tummy tickles?”

The boy’s eyes grew wide as he shook his head.

“Run!” He picked the boy up and tossed him over his shoulder. “Run tell Tiger Rock all about it.”

He lowered him to the ground, and the lad giggled.

Oh-see-ra set the stake in and packed clay around it. “Let’s get some sleep,” he called out.

Ee-shee-na herded the little ones to their sleeping furs and joined Oh-see-rah under their cave bear fur. Tired and sore, he fell fast asleep.


Oh-see-rah woke and listened. Ee-shee-na snored beside him. The fire though weak still had occasional tongues of fire leaping out as if hunting a meal. The hickory smoke tickled his nose, but that was expected. Sunlight still stole into the cave. Why am I awake?



TO BE CONTINUED Copyright 2021 Charles Suddeth

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Scoff not

Pterosaurs (a type of pterodactyl) have been sighted in North America since the Civil War. They are flying lizards, not actual dinosaurs. Real or not? I’m not ready to say either way, but judge for yourself.

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Time machine. What dinosaurs really looked like–latest scientific depictions. These are drawings based on fossil and DNA data.

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I saw the movie Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom today. The critics do not like it. I do not understand critics. It is great movie, with a unique plot. It would be a little intense for small children—perhaps too intense for critics, too.

I have to do a dinosaur novel. It is too, too, too tempting.


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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom will be released in June. I am excited. (I will grow up later) I would be even more excited if the 2-legged dinosaurs had feathers. (not sure about the 4-legged versions)

This winter I subbed in a kindergarten class. For indoor recess, the girls dressed in princess gowns—boring. The boys played with dinosaur toys—yes!

I just have to write about dinosaurs! Novels, picture books, poems, and so on.

Adulthood will just have to wait a little longer.


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