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Quetzalcoatl—Nahuatl/Aztec for “feathered serpent” is thought to be a dragon myth. Mayans call the feathered serpent Kukulkan. Scientists claim that dinosaurs were feathered. What if feathered dinosaurs survived in remote places until recent centuries? What if the dragon myths are merely memories of feathered dinosaurs?

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Loch Ness Let Down

Researchers from Pictland College, Scotland discovered that Nessie is NOT a prehistoric dinosaur. This will destroy the Scottish tourism industry. Nessie is a garden-variety of English dragon, not at all unusual. (St. George did not slay all the dragons)

[Editor’s note: It is April 1st, and Mr. Suddeth has again slipped Bourbon into his coffee]

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Tonight (March 9) is a Super Full Moon, a bigger than ordinary full moon. It also called the the Worm Moon–perhaps Wyrm Moon, an old word for dragon. Cherokees call it Windy Moon, Anuyi ᎠᏄᏱ, not a surprise.

A dragon just flew across the full moon! You’re on your own!

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Notice the repetition of k/c, n, and T—all the same monster? Ancient deity?



Quetzalcoatl I.e. ketzalcoatl—Nahuatl (Aztec)

Kukulcan means feathered-snake—flew messages between people and gods.

Uktena was a giant horned-snake whose crystal 3rd eye could kill.

Quetzalcoatl means feathered-serpent and was a flying deity.


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Cherokee Dragon

The Uktena was giant snake/dragon, Some say Cherokees recalled old days when a dinosaur remnant yet lived. Uktena dwelt in deep pools or high mountain passes. If a warrior stared at the crystal in its head, the man’s heart would stop. This drawing is by a genius Cherokee artist, Daniel Eskridge.

The main character of my novel, Stone Man and the Trail of Tears, believed in Uktena.

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Be careful of stomping on these worms! A Lindworm is a wingless serpentine monster with 2 clawed upper arms, a dragon-like head, and scales. In Britain it is a slithering dragon, and in Scandinavia it is a sea serpent. Handle with care. Better yet, run/swim for your life.

The most famous Lindworm was Fafnir. He was a dwarf who got on the wrong person’s bad side and was changed into a Lindworm. Sigurd slayed him.

(Sorry, I could not find photos, the last is Fafnir)

I am under a druid’s curse! I must write about Lindworms!


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Dragons of the New World

Kukulkan “plumed serpent” is a Mayan dragon associated with Q’uq’umatz, a creator-God.








Quetzalcoatl “feather serpent” is an Aztec creator-God also associated with the wind and the planet Venus.






Uktena is a huge, horned Cherokee snake that either inhabits mountain passes or deep water. Those who gaze upon a crystal in its forehead are either paralyzed or their heart stops. Great Serpent Mound in Ohio maybe a likeness of it.

The following illustration is from Daniel Eskridge https://daniel-eskridge.pixels.com/:





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