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Loch Ness Let Down

Researchers from Pictland College, Scotland discovered that Nessie is NOT a prehistoric dinosaur. This will destroy the Scottish tourism industry. Nessie is a garden-variety of English dragon, not at all unusual. (St. George did not slay all the dragons)

[Editor’s note: It is April 1st, and Mr. Suddeth has again slipped Bourbon into his coffee]

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Tonight (March 9) is a Super Full Moon, a bigger than ordinary full moon. It also called the the Worm Moon–perhaps Wyrm Moon, an old word for dragon. Cherokees call it Windy Moon, Anuyi ᎠᏄᏱ, not a surprise.

A dragon just flew across the full moon! You’re on your own!

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Notice the repetition of k/c, n, and T—all the same monster? Ancient deity?



Quetzalcoatl I.e. ketzalcoatl—Nahuatl (Aztec)

Kukulcan means feathered-snake—flew messages between people and gods.

Uktena was a giant horned-snake whose crystal 3rd eye could kill.

Quetzalcoatl means feathered-serpent and was a flying deity.


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Cherokee Dragon

The Uktena was giant snake/dragon, Some say Cherokees recalled old days when a dinosaur remnant yet lived. Uktena dwelt in deep pools or high mountain passes. If a warrior stared at the crystal in its head, the man’s heart would stop. This drawing is by a genius Cherokee artist, Daniel Eskridge.

The main character of my novel, Stone Man and the Trail of Tears, believed in Uktena.

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Be careful of stomping on these worms! A Lindworm is a wingless serpentine monster with 2 clawed upper arms, a dragon-like head, and scales. In Britain it is a slithering dragon, and in Scandinavia it is a sea serpent. Handle with care. Better yet, run/swim for your life.

The most famous Lindworm was Fafnir. He was a dwarf who got on the wrong person’s bad side and was changed into a Lindworm. Sigurd slayed him.

(Sorry, I could not find photos, the last is Fafnir)

I am under a druid’s curse! I must write about Lindworms!


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Dragons of the New World

Kukulkan “plumed serpent” is a Mayan dragon associated with Q’uq’umatz, a creator-God.








Quetzalcoatl “feather serpent” is an Aztec creator-God also associated with the wind and the planet Venus.






Uktena is a huge, horned Cherokee snake that either inhabits mountain passes or deep water. Those who gaze upon a crystal in its forehead are either paralyzed or their heart stops. Great Serpent Mound in Ohio maybe a likeness of it.

The following illustration is from Daniel Eskridge https://daniel-eskridge.pixels.com/:





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