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I consulted archeological and historical periodicals to assemble this recipe and show what life 50,000 years ago might have been like. Warning, I am not a cook. For safety’s sake (and your taste buds’ sake) consult a food expert before attempting this recipe.

Neanderthal Porridge


Handful of wild barley

Handful of emmer wheat (AKA farrow), a wild wheat

Handful of einkorn wheat, another wild wheat

Handful of sorghum seed

Handful of pistachios or chestnuts

Handful of dates (Neanderthals in colder climes might have used cherries)



Heat water in a birch bark tray, being careful to keep it out of direct flames to avoid a fire.

Mash wild barley, emmer wheat, einkorn wheat, and sorghum seed; add to the boiling water

Hull and crumble nuts, then add to boiling mixture

Pit dates or cherries and add to the boiling mixture to sweeten

Boil until the porridge is soft

My novel takes place in the present, so you might call this an old (very old) family recipe.

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