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Something rammed into Oh-see-rah. Like a winged fowl, he flew through the air.

Lord of the Caves Part 2

            Oh-see-rah opened eyes. His head lay in a maiden’s lap, her soft hair brushing his face, her beauty making his heart race. “So lovely. I must be in the Summerlands.”

She giggled. “Not so. You yet dwell among the living.” Ee-shee-na’s musical voice.

“What happened?”

“You were so very brave. You shot the Terrible Thunderer right in the face.”

“Then how I am I yet alive?” Oh-see-rah’s jaw felt like the T-Rex had smashed it in. Blood droplets splattered his bare arm.

“It bellowed and whirled around. Then its tail whacked you on the head. I thought for sure you were dead.” She placed a compress over his right cheek. “Wet willow leaves will heal you.”

“Where are our offspring?”

“Hiding behind the Tiger. Come, brood of mine. Give brave Papa a hug.”

The four little ones scampered out from behind Tiger Rock and hugged him.

Then he glanced at the cave’s mouth. “One of the paling stakes busted. Oh-lae-yar, fetch me a spare,” he told his eldest son, who had already seen eight winters.

Oh-see-rah pounded the broken stake until it loosened. Then he dug it out of the packed dirt. Oh-lae-yar brought him the spare stake.

He tussled the boy’s fair, curly hair. “Thank you. Now be a look out for Terrible Thunderers.”

The boy squatted between two of the seven paling stakes.

“Keep your eyes high. They are taller than trees and may even block Lord Sun.”

Oh-lae-yar bent his neck back and gazed almost straight up.

Proud of his boy, he hated to spoil his Day Sleep, but the same T-Rex might return. He cupped his hands behind his ears. “Now listen for it tramping through the woods, smashing small trees and any creature foolish enough to get in its way. Listen for the roar it makes as it attacks. Its rumble of fury and death.”

Oh-lay-yar cupped his hands behind his ears, even though the nearby woods were silent save for the occasional cry of winged creatures.

Oh-see-rah stopped working the new stake into the narrow hole and knelt beside his boy. “What do you do if you spy a Terrible Thunderer?”

Oh-lae-yar shrugged.

“What if you hear him, and he’s so close your tummy tickles?”

The boy’s eyes grew wide as he shook his head.

“Run!” He picked the boy up and tossed him over his shoulder. “Run tell Tiger Rock all about it.”

He lowered him to the ground, and the lad giggled.

Oh-see-ra set the stake in and packed clay around it. “Let’s get some sleep,” he called out.

Ee-shee-na herded the little ones to their sleeping furs and joined Oh-see-rah under their cave bear fur. Tired and sore, he fell fast asleep.


Oh-see-rah woke and listened. Ee-shee-na snored beside him. The fire though weak still had occasional tongues of fire leaping out as if hunting a meal. The hickory smoke tickled his nose, but that was expected. Sunlight still stole into the cave. Why am I awake?



TO BE CONTINUED Copyright 2021 Charles Suddeth

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Completed and edited, looking for an agent:

17-year-old Sy dreams that he is Osiris, & then he finds Lisa, Isis, but a detective accuses Sy of murder because 3 people die while Sy watches. After Seth & Anubis take Sy’s little sister hostage, can Sy and Lisa rescue her and defeat them? Does Osiris have to die again in the twenty-first century? Osiris Must Die is a YA urban fantasy that takes place in the real world.


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Work in Progress

I am writing a YA fantasy, Lupus Rex: Blood on the Moon. Seventeen-year-old Will discovers that he is unique in that he has two werewolf genes, Double Alpha, which makes him Lupus Rex. He is not sure he wants the title or the werewolf life, and someone is stalking him to prevent him from becoming Lupus Rex.

This story is a lot of fun to write. I have taken the Arthurian myths, added Lupines (werewolves), and transported them to the present.


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August 21-24, 2014; Thursday evening through Sunday afternoon
Nashville, TN at the Hutton Hotel

For writers and fans of mystery, thrillers, suspense, crime, fantasy, sci fi, YA, horror, and other dark fiction and non-fiction. I will attend.



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I am writing a YA fantasy, Osiris Must Die. For the first time, I am using an outline to write a novel.  But I keep straying from the outline and modifying it. Has anyone else had this problem? Or is it a question of my outlining skills? I know that some writers would never write a novel without one, so I am trying hard to make this outline work. Feel free to comment, advise, or instruct us.



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John Ronald Reuel Tolkien was born on this day in 1892 (died 1973) Mr. High Fantasy wrote the Lord of the Rings and many other books. Where would Hollywood and New Zealand be without him? He was the first writer who made me appreciate fantasy. Before him, I regarded fantasy as comic book/B movie material.

I don’t have a photo of him, so here is a photo of his Number One Fan:


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I don’t have the resources to give everyone Christmas gifts, but if you click on Bonus Stories, you can read two of my short stories. “Only A dream” is sci fi and “World Traveler” is fantasy with a dash of dark humor.  In any case, I hope the Holidays treats everyone well.


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The fantasy anthology “Sparks” from Earthbound Fiction is now available in a kindle edition. It includes my short story, “Momma and Papa.”

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On Wednesday, December 21, I signed a contract with Earthbound Publishing. My short story, “Momma and Papa,” will be printed in their fantasy anthology, “Sparks.”

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