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I want to wish my dad Happy Father’s Day. He arrived in this world in December 1928 Indianapolis and departed for the Summerlands July 2006 Jeffersonville, Indiana. Though we had issues, I do miss him. Charles George Suddeth

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Happy Father’s Day!  

As the Cherokee say: Alihelisdodi digadoda igoi ᎠᎵᎮᎵᏍᏙᏗ ᏗᎦᏙᏓ ᎢᎪᎢ (happy fathers today)

Noss: What Pocahontas (Mattaponi) would have called Powhatan, her father.

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Faeder – Anglo-Saxon: Leofric, Earl of Mercia and Lady Godiva—my great…great grandparents

Fader – Swiss German: Andrew William Greenfield—great, great grandfather

Athair – Gaelic: David Suddeth—8th great grandfather.

Nohsh – Mattaponi: Wahunsenaca, father of Pocahontas (said to be my  great…great grandfather)

Edoda ᎡᏙᏓ – Cherokee: Bill Pennington—great, great grandfather

Alas, I have no pics of these people. I do have a Pocahontas painting

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I want to salute all fathers. This includes stepfathers who often get ignored on this day. My hat off to all of you.

My father, Charles George Lawson Suddeth, was born in Indianapolis in 1928. He crossed the bridge in Jeffersonville Indiana in 2006. He is not forgotten.

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I would like to wish a Happy Father’s Day to all fathers, grandfathers, step-fathers, fathers-to-be,  and any man who has played a role in a child’s life. I salute you!

I have 2 sons, a grandson, and 2 granddaughters.


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