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Neanderthal Cuisine

Recent finds at caves in Greece and Iraq shed light on Neanderthal cooking. They ate well but everything gathered was wild.

Pulses (legumes used as flour) such as beans and lentils were pounded until the hulls were removed. Peas, nuts, grasses, mustard seed were combined to make soups and bread. (Previous studies have shown the use of barley and wheat) [Photo: cave, cooking hearth, bread]

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Danish Christmas Eve

Charming Danish Christmas Eve custom: Rice pudding, risalamande, is served. Boiled rice, whipped cream, vanilla, sugar, cherry sauce, optional brandy. One almond: the one who gets the almond wins the door prize. https://denmark.dk/people-and-culture/christmas-recipes/risalamande [Lady Godiva’s husband, Leofric Earl of Mercia, was Danish and my ancestor, hence my interest in Danish food]

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Eating good

Thanksgiving Cherokee style!

Wishi ᏫᏏ AKA Miatake or Hen of the Woods is a mushroom growing at the base of oaks. It is said to have meaty/nutty flavor and is harvested around November 1.

Cut into strips and boil for at least 15 minutes. Drain.

Skillet fry with salt/pepper.

Deep fat fry—bread with white flour/salt/pepper.

Fry until brown. [Unless you are experienced, beware, eating the wrong mushroom can be fatal]

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Danish Pastry (such as cheese Danish) have a secret—they’re not Danish. The Danish call them Vienna Bread (wienerbrød)—Austrian bakers introduced them 200 years ago. 2 popular varieties are Cinnamon Snail (kanelsnegl) or Seed Snappers (frøsnapper) sesame/poppy.

[Lady Godiva’s husband, Leofric Earl of Mercia, was Danish and my ancestor, hence my interest in Danish food]

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Kentucky Hot Brown

Hot Brown Week

The Hot Brown sandwich was created at Louisville’s Brown Hotel by Chef Fred Schmidt in 1926. It became a Louisville favorite and now is popular all over Kentucky and southern Indiana.

Ingredients: Turkey, bacon, cheese, Mornay sauce, open-faced toast, tomatoes, butter, flour, milk, cream, spices (salt, pepper, nutmeg, paprika, parsley). AKA Louisville Hot Brown or Kentucky Hot Brown.

For prizes, visit: https://hotbrownweek.com/

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Danish Cuisine

Traditional Danish food classic: Smørrebrød (literally buttered bread.) is sougdough rye bread with toppings such as pickled herring, roast beef and eggs topped with mayo and shrimp.

[Lady Godiva’s husband, Leofric Earl of Mercia, was Danish and my ancestor, hence my interest in Danish food]

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Headley Hill Hot Cocoa

(Cherry vanilla hot chocolate)

I have been experimenting with hot cocoa recipes to avoid commercial mixes loaded with calories and chemicals.

Headley Hill Hot Cocoa: heaping TSP unsweetened cacao (or cocoa), hot water to fill mug, single-serving coffee creamer, stevia to taste, dash vanilla flavoring, Maraschino cherry. About 20 calories. Great for cold weather, but I like this at bedtime year-round.

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World Chocolate Day is today (July 7). I am a certified chocolate freak. Just drank coffee with added cocoa powder. Cocoa beans are not really beans but grow on trees. 3 to 4 thousand years ago, the Olmec of Mexico developed the art of fermenting cacao seeds and producing chocolate. Thank you, Olmecs. Nowadays most chocolate is grown in west Africa. Thank you, west Africa.

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Kingfish opened its first restaurant Derby Day 1948 on the Ohio River, 4th Street, Louisville, just a cement block building, carryout. My family would go in their boats—we would order Fish Boxes for 2 (fish, fries, hushpuppies, bread) and eat in our boats.

Later, Kingfish built regular restaurants. Currently, they have one on the river in Louisville and across the river in Jeffersonville, Indiana. They have the world’s best hushpuppies. I have gone there and ordered coffee and hushpuppies for a meal. By car, our family boats are a thing of the past.

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June with the Yuchi:

June—Blackberry-ripe month—shpa shOnA Zafa—shpah shohnay zayfah

Blackberries good they-taste—shpa gOthl@ z@^–shpah gohthlan zan

I love blackberries and used to grow them—even made my own cobblers.


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