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Flower Full Moon

Flower Full Moon—May 16. Super Flower Blood Moon—closer than normal, and with a lunar eclipse. Flower Moon is for May flowers.

Yuchi—Shafa wAbEthlOlA—Full Moon

Cherokee: Planting Moon Anisguti ᎠᏂᏍᎫᏘ

Cherokee Nation Cultural Biologist Feather Smith-Trevino holds an unripe Georgia Candy Roaster Squash at an educational garden in Tahlequah, Okla., where traditional native plants are grown.

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April Full Moon

April Full Moon: Pink Moon—don’t expect color—pink flowers are common. (Pink dogwood?)

Cherokees call it Flower Moon Kawoni ᎧᏬᏂ. A dance customary at this season was the “Knee Deep Dance” dustu ᏚᏍᏚ of the Spring or Water Frog.

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Friday, March 18 is the Wyrm Full Moon—though some confuse it with worms, wyrms are dragon as befitting a windy unpredictable month. Stay hunkered down inside.

Cherokee call it, Windy Moon, Anuyi ᎠᏄᏱ. Kanati the Great Hunter helps start new council fires.

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Hunter’s Moon is October 20. This is a special full moon, the night of the Wild Hunt, led by Hell Hounds, gathering souls for the underworld. Enjoy.

Cherokee: Harvest Moon Duninudi ᏚᏂᏄᏗ, “Harvest Festival” Nowatequa ᏃᏩᏖᏆ..

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Time to be in the fields

Shine on Harvest Moon. Monday, September 20, 2021 is a Full Moon. Time to harvest crops. I have nothing but weeds so….

Cherokees: Nut Moon Duliidisdi ᏚᎵᎢᏗᏍᏗ Ripe Corn Festival is held. Ginitsi selu ᎩᏂᏥ ᏎᎷ. Hunting begins.

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Sturgeon full moon is Sunday August 22. Jupiter may try to horn in. Fishermen, have fun. Eric Suddeth photo 082221.

Cherokees call it Fruit Moon Galoni ᎦᎶᏂ. Green corn festivals are held.

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Super Moon!

The Strawberry Moon is the June Full Moon, the last Super Moon of 2021. (Thursday, June 24). Where’s my strawberry shortcake?

For Cherokees, it is the Green Corn Moon Tihaluhiyi ᏘᎭᎷᎯᏱ. The AniGadugi SocietyᎠᏂᎦᏚᎩ helps those in need this month.

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Super Pink Moon

Super Pink Moon! Monday, April 26 will be a super moon, a larger than normal full moon. Cresting 11:31 PM EST. Sorry, the moon is not pink, pink blossoms are the norm.

Cherokees call it Flower Moon Kawoni ᎧᏬᏂ. The “Knee Deep Dance” dustu ᏚᏍᏚ of the Spring or Water Frog is customary.

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February Full Moon

Last night (February 27) was the Snow Full Moon. Guess why? [photo: last night, should still be full tonight]

Cherokee: Bone Moon Kagali ᎧᎦᎵ. Medicine Dance officiated by a “doctor” Didanawiskawi ᏗᏓᎾᏫᏍᎧᏫ.

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Last night (January28) was the Wolf Full Moon—it will be visible on the 29th too. Cherokee call it Cold Moon Unolvtani ᎤᏃᎸᏔᏂ This time of the season is a time for personal and ritual observance, fasting and personal purification.

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