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September Full Moon

The Corn Moon falls on September 2nd. The name seems obvious, though in Britain corn means any grain harvest. Arianrhod is the Welsh moon goddess.

Cherokees call this Nut Moon Duliidsdi ᏚᎵᎢᏗᏍᏗ –the Ripe Corn Festival honored Ginitsi Selu ᎩᏂᏥ ᏎᎷ–Mother Corn, goddess of the harvest.

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Tonight (March 9) is a Super Full Moon, a bigger than ordinary full moon. It also called the the Worm Moon–perhaps Wyrm Moon, an old word for dragon. Cherokees call it Windy Moon, Anuyi ᎠᏄᏱ, not a surprise.

A dragon just flew across the full moon! You’re on your own!

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Cold Moon!

Tonight (12.12.2019) is a full moon, the Cold Moon. Sorry but the 12:12 posts are wrong, according to NASA—it is at 12:16. Cold either way you go.

The Cherokee call it Snow Moon Usgiyi ᎤᏍᎩᏱ The spirit being, “Snow Man”, brings the cold and snow for the earth to cover the high places while the earth rests until the rebirth of the seasons in the Windy Moon Anuyi.


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Lonely Ole Moon

Full moon over Okolona, Kentucky. Ethan Suddeth photo–used his car for a tripod.

Reminds me of old Roger Miller song: The moon is high and so am I.

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Tonight is a full moon, the Harvest Moon. I am curious as to what is being harvested. But…it is also Friday the 13th. Bad, bad, bad luck. This is no harvest any sane person wants to know about. Run and hide!!!!!

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Tonight, is the Blessing Moon. Just who is blessing, and why are they blessing? Think about that.

The Cherokees call it the Ripe Corn Moon Guyegwoni ᎫᏰᏉᏂ. They did the Green Corn Dance and the stickball season started.

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Wind Full Moon

Full Moon tonight. The Wind Full Moon. Ladies & gentlemen, this is tornado weather! Hide under the bed! Now! Why are you still standing there?

Cherokees call it the Flower Full Moon, Kawoni ᎧᏬᏂ. Rituals to Long Man, Spirit of the River were performed. A customary dance was the Knee Deep Dance, dustu ᏚᏍtᎣ.



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Tonight is a Full Moon, the Storm Moon.  (storm in Kentucky is becoming a normal night, sigh) As Snoopy would say, it will be a dark and stormy night.

The Cherokees call it Windy Moon, Anuyi, ᎠᏄᏱ, so they agree. Figures dressed as Kanati, ᎧᎾᏘ, the Cherokee first man/hunter, help restart town-council sacred fires.


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Tonight is the Long Nights Full Moon. Beware of draugar—they live in burial mounds & reanimate on nights like tonight. BUT they can be shapeshifters, so how can you be safe unless you are alone? They also inhabit dreams. Beware of going to sleep.

The Cherokee call this Snow Moon, Usgiyi, ᎤᏍᎩᏱ. The spirit being, “Snow Man”, brings cold & snow. Shoveling snow? I’d rather face draugar.

Gotta go—I hear something scratching on my window. And it’s snowing. The worst of both worlds!

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Under the full moon, they make trades, but what are they trading? Weapons of war? My heart does ache. In the shadows, they become friends, but is it the friendship of peacemakers or warriors? I fear for the future.

Tonight, is the Cherokee Trading Moon, Nudadaequa, ᏄᏓᏓᎡᏆ, where people gathered from afar to trade. It is also the time of the Friendship Festival, Adohuna, ᎠᏙᎱᎾ, where friendship was made or renewed.

Take care, my friends.

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