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Prehistoric game?

Rolley Holey AKA Indian Marbles is played in Monroe County Kentucky (Tompkinsville) and Clay County Tennessee (Celina). It involves 2 2-man teams playing with marbles, though billiard balls are now used. Though this game uses just 3 holes, it is very similar to Cherokee marbles, possibly the only other place it’s played. Balls have been found in Mississippian mounds in Kentucky and Tennessee, so this is likely an ancient tradition. I have family from both counties and the Cherokees, so this intrigues me.


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Watch out for snow snakes!

Snow snakes is played by Great Lakes tribes: Iroquois, Sioux, Wyandotte, Ojibwe, more. Teams of players hurl snow snakes (hardwood shafts 6-10- feet long) down a trough in the snow. Furthest wins points. Mudcats—3-foot versions played during halftime by children. Feasting follows a match.

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