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Read–only if you dare

Ghost Theater

The Crump Theater is in downtown Columbus Indiana. The building dates from about 1871—the Crump Theater was added in 1889. Music can be heard at a staircase. Voices often come from the top of the balcony. The mezzanine features disembodied shadows. It is still open for special events—if you dare.


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Home with who?

Hangin’ With the Homefolks

Charles Suddeth


We don’t allow no strangers and stragglers,

Neighbors best keep your six feet or more,

I haven’t seen a fresh face in many weeks,

I don’t care to get close to any old soul.


I’ve got my roommate to keep me company,

We gab and laugh at moldy, old jokes,

We take turns cooking and cleaning and all,

It helps pass the time, don’t you know?


I live alone, you say, but who’s here?

Has cabin fever mucked with my mind?

Not only do I see things that don’t exist,

But I chat and they answer right away.


Now I am too frightened to speak,

Madness has struck this lonely boy,

Or is it something else? Dare I say it?

Ghosts have cast their spells on me.



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I have lost the exact location, but this former TB hospital in West Virginia must be haunted. Ghosts R us.

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