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Today (February 2) Groundhog saw his shadow. The ancient Scots used snakes for divination on Imbolc/Brigid’s Day, February 1. I like rodents better.

Scots Gaelic proverb:

Thig an nathair as an toll
Là donn Brìde,

Ged robh trì troighean dhen t-sneachd
Air leac an làir.

The serpent will come from the hole
On the brown Day of Bríde,
Though there should be three feet of snow
On the flat surface of the ground.

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We have our own groundhog—Headley Hank. Yes, he saw his shadow. We here in the wilderness surrounding Headley Hill will have to endure 6 more weeks of blizzards and arctic weather. Thanks, Hank.

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