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I wish everyone a scary, fun, safe Halloween. Don’t disturb ghosts, the dead, the undead, and so on. This is a poem of mine that Spider magazine published in 2012:


He sticks his head right out of the water;

With big, red eyes, he peeks at me,

His neck is long and his tail is spiny,

He’s green and scaly and huge and ugly.


I run and give Momma the terrible news,

She doesn’t listen, she doesn’t believe.

I hurry to Papa and tell what I saw,

He laughs and snickers and chuckles and snorts.


Back at the lake the monster winks,

He thinks it’s funny, he thinks it’s a joke,

But I’m not smiling and I’m not happy,

I’ll show that monster a thing or two.


I grab my camera, pop off the cap,

He shakes his head, he splashes me,

Flips his tail, dives under the waves,

And never says goodbye.


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Book signing on October 15, 11 to 4 at Karen’s Book Barn, 127 East Main St. Lagrange, KY 40031. I will be signing all 3 of my books:

Eighth Mask: Murder on the Cherokee Reservation

Experiment 38

Halloween Kentucky Style


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I am on Diversion Press’s Blog today, Sunday October 2! Visit with me on their blog. http://diversionpress.blogspot.com/


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Archetypes in Children’s Stories

If anyone has read Halloween Kentucky Style, I would be interested in your opinion of how my characters fit in.

Heroes and Heroines

Osiris: Male messiah

The protagonist is the sacrificial person. E.g. Luke Skywalker or Robin Hood

The antagonist is the punisher. E.g.?

Isis: Female messiah

The protagonist has a connection to the divine even if she doesn’t want it. E.g. Catniss (Hunger Games) or Joan of Arc.

The antagonist is the destroyer. E.g. Miranda (The Devil Wears Prada).

Artemis: Female avenger

The protagonist likes traveling, is intuitive and instinctual. E.g. Medusa.

The antagonist is?

Athena: Farmer’s daughter

The protagonist is tomboy, smart, unemotional. E.g. Hermione, Nancy Drew, Annabel from Percy Jackson.

The antagonist is?

Ares: Male protector

The protagonist is physical, the alpha male, doesn’t think, lives on edge. E.g. Zorro or Han Solo.

The antagonist is a gladiator. E.g.?

Hades: The male recluse

The protagonist is lonely, introverted. E.g., Edward Cullen in Twilight (or other vampire novel).

The antagonist is a warlock who is antisocial and bitter. E.g. Darth Vader and Voldemore.


The Magi: Source of wisdom. E.g. Yoda or Dumbledore.

The Mentor: Like an advanced helper. E.g. Obi Wan or Morpheus.

The Best Friend: Can be helpful but not always helpful. E.g. C3PO, Hagrid, Ron (Harry Potter?).

The Loner: Tends to be the confidant. E.g. R2D2 or Toto (Wizard of Oz).


Not an antagonist, because they have the same goals as the protagonist.

Trailblazer: Go ahead of protagonist. E.g. Puck.

Jester: Tries to help but gets in way. E.g. Scarecrow for Wizard of Oz.

Investigator: Gets in the way with the investigation.

Pessimist: “You’ll never get it done.”

Psychic: Thinks he/she knows it all.


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Let me rephrase that. Have a gruesome, horrible, by fun, safe Halloween!

Getting into Halloween trouble! Halloween Kentucky Style, middle readers, print, Diversion Press http://astore.amazon.com/wwwdiversionp-20/detail/1935290169


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My 3 Favorite Writing Sayings

  1. Start your story as close to the end as you possibly can.
  2. Take your reader where they’re not expecting to go.
  3. Find your story’s Dark Moment, the point where he/she gives up, just before their solution comes to them.

Writing for Halloween

  1. Start your intrigue right away, but hold off on scary as long as you possibly can.
  2. Take your reader where they’re afraid to go, where they don’t want to go.
  3. Send your character to the Dark Hour of their Soul, the point where he/she gives up on his/herself and on the world.


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Halloween Kentucky Style (middle readers, Diversion Press, paperback)
Mike and Timmy try to scare Alice and Rosie. The trick’s on them when a younger neighbor and a homeless man team up to give them a real Halloween scare!


ISBN:  978-1-935290-16-2

On Halloween Kentucky Style’s Pinterest page, you can get an idea about where in Kentucky the story takes place: http://astore.amazon.com/wwwdiversionp-20/detail/1935290169


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