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Okay, it’s party time

Party suggestion

Helle (2 syllables) is the Anglo-Saxon goddess of the underworld/earth goddess. From Proto Indo-European kel- or kol- meaning hide or cover, also in hill, hall. Occurs as Hulda, Holda, Helen, Ellen, others. Countries also—Hellenes/Greeks, Helvetians/Swiss, Gael/Gaul/Celt.

Tiw (Tuesday) is an old war/sky god, from Proto Indo-European dyeu- meaning “shine” as in sky, heaven, God, seen in Tuesday. Also appears as deity, Jupiter, Zeus, Diana.

My suggestion for Halloween parties: Goddess Helle and God Tiw. Hope I’m not too late.

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I wish all a frightful, delightful Halloween with chills aplenty.

This poem was published by Spider children’s magazine for Halloween 2012. If you have a chance, read it to children. Fun.


Charles Suddeth

He sticks his head right out of the water;

With big, red eyes, he peeks at me,

His neck is long and his tail is spiny,

He’s green and scaly and huge and ugly.

I run and give Momma the terrible news,

She doesn’t listen, she doesn’t believe.

I hurry to Papa and tell what I saw,

He laughs and snickers and chuckles and snorts.

Back at the lake the monster winks,

He thinks it’s funny, he thinks it’s a joke,

But I’m not smiling and I’m not happy,

I’ll show that monster a thing or two.

I grab my camera, pop off the cap,

He shakes his head, he splashes me,

Flips his tail, dives under the waves,

And never says goodbye.

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Louisville Jack O’Lantern Spectacular, Iroquois park now through Halloween. 1000’s of carved pumpkins on a lighted trail starting at dusk. Tickets required—advance reservations recommended. https://www.jackolanternlouisville.org/about

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Sacred or profane?

This is an ancient Roman mosaic of a hare driving a chariot drawn by a pair of geese. I thought it was a charming example of ancient humor, but both the hare and goose were sacred in Rome.

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Last night my fairy ring showed up again. I slept through their dance.

This is situated between 2 huge pines on my property. I believe that a fungous connecting the 2 root systems is sending up these mushrooms.

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In England, the Wild Hunt was called Herla-thing (Herla’s Assembly) AKA Herla Cyning, Erl King—Elf King. Most think of him as a form of Woden/Odin. Close your eyes.

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Cowboy Halloween!

Ghost Riders in the Sky seem to me a modern version of the Wild Hunt. Ghosts riding forever with the Devil. Don’t get in their path!    

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Lady harvesting souls!

Epona was a horse goddess popular in the Gaul and Britain. She also transported souls to heaven and hell. Fear her or embrace her, it depends on the life you’ve led!

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The origin of trick or treaters? The Wild Hunt occurred when a host of gods and goddesses flew through the sky in search of the souls of the recently dead. Odin was the leader—harvested souls would go to Valhalla if they’d died in battle, others going to Asgard, the damned going to be with Helle in the Underworld. Does this not remind you of Trick or Treaters?

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Halloween Turnip

In Ireland and Scotland, turnips are still used to carve Jack-o-lanterns.

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