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Ah yes, me mousy victims. Me witches will boil thee. Ride with thee across the gibbous moon. Laugh at thy plight. Have a merry Halloween!

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I have lost the exact location, but this former TB hospital in West Virginia must be haunted. Ghosts R us.

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Halloween Horrors

I hope you have a perfectly gruesome Halloween

At great personal peril, I overheard a witch’s Halloween plans.

Halloween Horrors


Ah, me lovelies, me pesky little humans,

Witch’s delight, dark stormy night,

Not an end in sight of total fright.


My cauldron is a boil, blood stains the soil,

Yowling black cats, screeching long-winged bats,

A green-eyed toad, a handful of woad,

Pinch of eye of newt, hunk of hemlock root.


I have just the charm to do your enemy harm,

I love to cast a spell, where it goes I cannot tell.

Trick or treat? I got you beat.


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Calaveras 3


My version of a Mexican skull poem.


Fiddlin’ John


Charles Suddeth


He challenged him to a do-or-die duel,

Winner takes all, murmured the dark-eyed stranger.

Fiddlin’ John picked up his worn, trusty fiddle,

Then I shall soon own you fiddle and all.


The stranger held up a shiny red fiddle,

You play first, I shall be the last.


A barmaid winced and offered Fiddlin John a drink,

He knocked it out of her hand and drew back his bow.


His fiddle gushed out with toe-tapping melodies.

He waited for the stranger to beg for mercy.


The stranger stood tall, horns on his head,

Hooves on his feet, as he took up a jeweled bow.


Tunes as dark as a mine shot out of the fiddle,

The door blew open, and the walls glowed red.


Fiiddlin’ John looked for a back door,

I win! Boomed the stranger.


The floor opened up into a fiery pit,

Down went Fiddlin’ John, fiddle and all.


Listen close this Halloween night,

The wind whispers hellish melodies,

Fiddlin’ John fiddles again this night.

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I wish everyone a scary, fun, safe Halloween. Don’t disturb ghosts, the dead, the undead, and so on. This is a poem of mine that Spider magazine published in 2012:


He sticks his head right out of the water;

With big, red eyes, he peeks at me,

His neck is long and his tail is spiny,

He’s green and scaly and huge and ugly.


I run and give Momma the terrible news,

She doesn’t listen, she doesn’t believe.

I hurry to Papa and tell what I saw,

He laughs and snickers and chuckles and snorts.


Back at the lake the monster winks,

He thinks it’s funny, he thinks it’s a joke,

But I’m not smiling and I’m not happy,

I’ll show that monster a thing or two.


I grab my camera, pop off the cap,

He shakes his head, he splashes me,

Flips his tail, dives under the waves,

And never says goodbye.


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I thought I would present this on Labor Day because it is one of the few sane holidays:

Holidays can be nightmares. Mama always warned me: Choose your friends & holidays carefully. I never listened.

  1. Only the Horses are Sane Day: In Louisville, the Kentucky Derby is THE holiday. Partying over a 2-minute race goes on for days. I treasure the Derby, but by the 1st Saturday in May, I am more tired than the horses. And I usually bet on nags that get lost before the finish line.
  2. I ate too Much Candy Day: Of course, I don’t hate Halloween, but I never get trick-or-treaters. I end up eating all the candy. I could buy candy that I didn’t like, but the little ones wouldn’t like it either. Besides, what candy don’t I like?
  3. Cute Little Critter Day: As a writer, I need something flashier than Ground Hog Day. Skunk Day or Porcupine Day? And in the south, ground hogs are the main course and never see their shadows.
  4. Boss’s Day: Really? Really? How about the other 364 days Boss’s Days? It’s on October 16 or the nearest workday. Maybe Employee’s Day? We deserve one stinking day.
  5. You Gotta be Kidding Day: The third Saturday in October is listed in some states as Sweetest Day. Candy a few days before Halloween? The day was invented by candy manufacturers years ago. Wonder why?
  6. Stay Home and Sleep Day: AKA Black Friday. The Friday after Thanksgiving is the day everyone but me shops. Except for bookstores, shopping is more painful than root canals.
  7. What Happened to Secretary’s Day? On Wednesday of the last week in April is Administrative Professionals Day. This name implies something is wrong with secretaries. Are writers Word Professionals?
  8. The Fourth of July: I love Independence Day. Parades & fireworks. Patriotic songs. But they voted for the Declaration of Independence on July 2nd, wrote it up on July 3rd, and signed it on July 4th. My birthday is July 3rd, so as a compromise, it should be The Third of July. Who said writers aren’t egotistical?
  9. Winter Solstice: The Shortest Day of the Year, a few days before Christmas. AKA the Longest Night of the Year. It’s too dark and cold to do anything on this day. I always write late & sleep in, so I see almost no daylight. Maybe it will inspire me to write a Krampus novel.
  10. Tax Day: Need I say it? Every April 15th Uncle Sam demands his share. I don’t mind paying, but questions haunt me: Did I forget anything? (Of course I did) Did I include everything? (Even the IRS doesn’t know) What if they didn’t receive my tax forms? I’ll end up in a prison cell with a guy named Killer Joe.
    Don’t be surprised if you read my novels and some these of holidays show up. I always wanted to do a horror story. How about, Killer Klowns on Black Friday? Or Derby Horses Make the Jockeys Gallop? Or Halloween Martian Attack?



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Have a miserable, frightening day. Hide under the bed in case the boogie man visits you. May spooks haunt you. Oh, yes, and have a fantastic Halloween!


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