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Go to Hell!

Paradise, Kentucky is no more, but Hell, Michigan is going strong. Located in the central part of the Lower Peninsula, no one knows for sure how it got its name.

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Mayan Underworld

The Mayan Hell, Xibalba (Place of Fear), is ruled over by the Lords of Xibalba, 12 death gods. The entrance is a cave either in Belize or Guatemala (Belize photo) Only for the brave.

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Skull poem

My version of a calaveras.

Here Lies Charles Suddeth

Charles Suddeth

His friends were very few,

But his enemies legion.

Neither woman nor wife,

Could tolerate his presence.

He never had a single buck,

Owed most everyone in town.

He might have once had family,

Bu nobody claimed him.

He made the ladies grin,

As soon as he left the room.

He’s gone to Hell for sure,

If the Devil claims him.

We’ll never forget him, Good, ole what’s-his-name.

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