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Today (February 20) is President’s Day.

I salute our president, President Joe Biden.

A shoutout to President Abraham Lincoln, born in Larue County, Kentucky, about 50 miles south of me. (his grandfather was killed by Indians about 4 miles from me)

Another shoutout to President Zachary Taylor whose plantation is about 3 miles from me.

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Those who came first

Monday October 10 is Indigenous People’s Day.

The photo is a statue of Hatuey, chief of Tainos, the first to feel the nightmare of Columbus.

Indigenous People, USA:

American Indians: Most of the indigenous peoples, including some of my family.

Yupik, Inuit, Aleutian Islanders: AKA Eskimos

Pacific Islanders: Natives of Hawaii, Guam, and others

There may be others—I think one Alaskan island holds Siberian natives, unable to find name.

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Juneteenth: June 19, 1865, the Union Army declared Texas slaves free. June 19th became a yearly celebration, spreading across the country. It is now a National Holiday, celebrated on Mondays. June 20th this year. Freedom is precious.

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Io Saturnalia!

Saturnalia runs from December 17 to December 23, presided over by Saturn, Roman God of Agriculture. Partying goes on through the Winter Solstice. Saturn was likely an Etruscan God, Satre, a dark, lightning-bolt wielding God associated with the end of the year and the fear of darkness.

Yo Saturnalia! Party on.

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Indigenous Peoples’ Day: Monday October 11.

USA Indigenous People:

American Indians (Amerind)


Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders of American Territories

Did I leave anyone out? (I have one other possibility)

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