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Equine perfection

Percherons are my favorite breed of draft horse. They originated as war horses in the French province Perche. Before World War II, they were the most common draft horse, especially in cities. Nowadays, they are popular for logging, hauling carriages, and as jumpers.

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Mystery photo

I don’t know the specifics about this photo, except that it is rural Kentucky. Judging from the 2 cars, I would say around 1940. I was not surprised about the horse and buggy. I recall a man in Taylorsville, Kentucky driving a pony wagon to town to grocery shop. My grandpa recalled Louisville in the 1890s, before cars. He said the stench from road apples was terrible.

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Cherokee Horses

The Cherokee developed a unique breed of horse, small—similar to a pony—usually pinto. They are still being bred. My novel, Stone Man and the Trail of Tears, features a pony similar to the Cherokee Horse.

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Horse nut/Professor/Writer

V. S. Anderson always been a horse nut, and as a young person, was a rabid horse-racing fan. So it’s no surprise that her first novels were about horses: the Kentucky Derby and the glamour of a Thoroughbred breeding farm—but with a little mystery and mayhem thrown in! For King of the Roses and Blood Lies, she drew on her years of working in the horse world, teaching riding, showing hunters, moonlighting on the racetrack, and for a while, owning and galloping her own racehorse.

Since then she has used her doctorate in English to teach writing at a regional campus of a Midwestern university—right across the river from Louisville and the Derby, in fact! She lives in New Salisbury, Indiana, where she gardens, watches birds, writes mystery/suspense (three novels in progress!), and rides Paddy, her sweet, sweet horse.


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