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Real horsepower!

Horse pulls are contests where horse teams pull a stone-boat. The team who pulls the heaviest weight wins. I used to go to them when I lived in Michigan where they are popular. (animal rights people: these horses are treated like members of the family) http://horsepull.com/

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Conventional wisdom says that in the 17th century Spanish horses escaped, their population exploding on the great plains. Except most of the Spanish horses were geldings, neutered stallions. And horse numbers increased too quickly as mares have one foal at a time.

Some say native horses survived the ice ages to breed with Spanish horses. But why did the Aztecs have no horses? A new theory says that 1000 AD, ponies were abandoned when the Viking deserted North America. They mated with Spanish horses and the Plains Indian culture was born. (Cherokee pony photo)

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Pre-Columbian Horses

Conventional history says that Columbus brought horses to the New World. New research suggests that horse were already here. It does seem odd that about 1650 Spanish horses got loose/were stolen and horse populations exploded. More likely the Old World and New World horse mixed together.


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This photo (rescued by my sister Angela Gruenwald) is me at age 8. I thought I was Doc Holiday, legendary gunfighter. I still like horses and cowboys and adventure. Nowadays I just write about it. I sneak horses into most of my books, though Doc Holiday has not made an appearance in my books. Okay, I admit it–I still think I’m Doc Holiday.

Happy trails to you.

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Barnes & Noble

Books-A-Million (online)

Carmichael’s Bookstore (special order)

Davis-Kidd Booksellers

Joseph-Beth Booksellers

Poor Richard’s Books (special order)

Viewpoint Books (Columbus, Indiana)

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Book Signing

On Saturday, December 11, I will have a book signing at the Sixth Festival of Books at the Kentucky Gateway Museum Center in Maysville, Kentucky.

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