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It wasn’t Columbus or Vikings. About 800AD Irish monks settled Iceland. The North American plate and the Eurasian plate meet in Iceland, thus it is in both continents, though distance-wise, Iceland is closer to Greenland than Europe. In the photo, a small rift valley lies between the 2 continents.  

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Elf Sightings

Yes, elves outnumber mortals in Iceland, but do not assume that other places are elf-free. Called huldufolk/hidden folk, they are common in the British Isles, Scandinavia, and other parts of northern Europe. If you come across them, remain still in hopes that you go undetected. Or run for your life. Or beg for mercy.

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The Huldufólk, Hidden Folk, live in Icelandic mounds. Some call them Alfar, elves. On midsummer’s night, Alfar haunt crossroads and will try to lure travelers to their doom as in this photo. Alfar do not allow photos, don’t you know?If you visit Iceland, don’t make light of Alfar, you may get a chilly reception.

[Editor’s note: Mr. Suddeth thinks it best if he lightens up these dark times]

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