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Happy Fourth of July! On this day 1776, a few heroes signed the Declaration of Independence. Many did not survive the war or ended up bankrupt or lost their families—not one backed down. My eternal gratitude to them. (George Cohan)

You’re a grand old flag
You’re a high-flying flag
And forever in peace may you wave
You’re the emblem of
The land I love
The home of the free and the brave…

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I love the Fourth of July though I am aware that many minorities don’t appreciate it. The Declaration of Independence was written and signed by flawed men who for one shining moment rose above their flaws to produce one of the world’s most important documents that has influenced history for over 200 years. Yes, its ideals have not yet materialized, but we are working on them. Only a handful of these flawed men ever became famous, many would not live to see the war’s end, many of those who did survive lost their homes and lands and/or were ruined financially. Yes, I will listen to patriotic music with tears in my eyes. I, too have flaws.

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Charles Suddeth


Holidays can and should be fun. Mama always warned me: Choose your friends and holidays carefully. I never listened.


  1. Only the Horses are Sane Day: In Louisville, the Kentucky Derby is THE major holiday. The partying over a two-minute race goes on for days. I love the Derby, but by the first Saturday in May, I am more tired than the horses. And I always bet on nags that can’t find the finish line.
  2. Too Much Candy Day: Okay, I really don’t hate Halloween, but I never get trick-or-treaters. I end up eating all the candy myself. I considered buying candy I didn’t like, but the little ones wouldn’t like the candy either. And honestly? What candy don’t I like?
  3. Cute Little Critter Day: As a writer,I want something more abrasive than Ground Hog Day. How about Skunk Day or Porcupine Day? And in the south, ground hogs used to be dinner. My grandparents often dined on them, so those ground hogs never saw their shadows.
  4. Boss’s Day: Really? Really? Aren’t the other 364 days Boss’s Days, too? It’s listed as October 16 or the nearest workday. How about Employee’s Day instead? We deserve one day a year.
  5. You Gotta be Kidding Day: The third Saturday in October is listed in some states as Sweetest Day. We need more candy a few days before Halloween? Frankly, the day was invented by several candy manufacturers years ago. Wonder why?
  6. Stay Home and Hide Day: Sometimes known as Black Friday. The Friday after Thanksgiving is the day everyone but me shops. Except for bookstores, shopping is less fun than root canals.
  7. What Happened to Secretary’s Day: On Wednesday of the last week in April is Administrative Professionals Day. I have nothing against secretaries, but this name implies something is wrong with secretaries. Am I a Word Professional?
  8. The Fourth of July: Hey, I love Independence Day. I love the parades and fireworks. Patriotic songs make me cry. But they voted for the Declaration of Independence on July 2nd, they wrote it up on July 3rd, and signed it on July 4th. My birthday is July 3rd, so as a compromise, it should be The Third of July. Who said writers aren’t egotistical?
  9. Winter Solstice: The Shortest Day of the Year, a few days before Christmas.AKAthe Longest Night of the Year. It’s too dark and cold to do anything on this day.I always write late and sleep in, so I see almost no daylight. Maybe it will inspire me to write a vampire novel.

Tax Day: Need I state the obvious? Every April 15th Uncle Sam demands his share of the booty. I don’t mind paying, but questions haunt my mind: Did I forget anything? (Of course I did) Did I include everything? (Even the IRS doesn’t know) What if they didn’t receive my tax forms? I’ll end up in a prison cell with a guy named Killer.

Don’t be surprised if you read my novels and some these of holidays show up. I always wanted to do a horror story. How about, Zombies on Black Friday. Or Killer Ground Hogs. Or The Derby Horses Get Even With the Jockeys.


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